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  • Which agency?

    I have two agencies that I am looking at. One is for a city that pays about $34000. The other is for a University (The State) that pays $29000. The pay difference is obvious, then again im not about money. The Univ. has the state benefit, which are better than the city. The city has more going on since it has a bigger territory. I dont know the one that would be best. Would I be looked down on for working for a Univ? Any input would help!!!

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    If the university police local to me makes an offer I'm there. The break in education costs alone that I'd get for myself, and especially my son, is worth sacrificing a bit of pay for me. I wouldn't be concerned in the least if someone "looks down on you" because of your jurisdiction.
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      City or University?

      It depends, I've done both. The state's pay might be lower, however, if you can take advantage of free schooling (or a reduced cost) it might pay to work there for the time being. Also city departments are always hiring. I feel the training I recieved at the university was a lot better then the training that was provied to me at the city. The university required me write reports for everything, however, it made me a better cop. When I write a report now it just gets okay without any reviews from my Sgt's. It is a nice feeling knowing that your reports are trusted sometimes more then older veterns. Also, university's have a ton of easy O.T. there is nothing like watching basketball or football game and being paid for it.
      Every department has its pluses, and minus. City's have a ton of room to advance through the ranks or go into a special unit. Your in a good position either way, good luck with your choice.


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        A major consideration should be the university's enforcement posture and general attitude towards the campus police. Some universities believe college should be "a time of learning and growth through experimentation". That translates to, "I know we hired you to enforce the law but, we really want you to look the other way most of the time." For example, some years back a friend, who was Chief of Police at a major state university, was called into the Chancellor's office and told to direct his officers not to enforce the narcotics laws on campus. In another instance, my agency was asked to assist campus police with a major event at another state university. On arrival our area of responsibility was agreed upon and I deployed my officers accordingly. About a half hour into the event one of the college instructors decided he knew best how the cops should do their jobs and attempted to redeploy one of my officers away from the area he was responsible for securing. When my officer refused his orders, the teacher went nuts. I later mentioned it to the campus police and they went into a complete panic because on that campus, teachers are allowed to walk into the middle of a situation and take charge of the police.

        In addition, while some universities discouraged standard crime prevention techniques such as field stops and arrests, it will be you *** on the line for not doing your job should a coed get raped or a freshman get robbed.

        Don't misunderstand. There a lot of good universities out there who will let you do your job properly. But at the same time, there are a lot more who won't. Check out how the university treats its cops before you make a decision.
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          L-1 is right. There are a lot of politics involved in the University setting. I would talk with or go on a ride along with the Campus you are looking at and see how it is.


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            It is not a big university. From what I hear it does not play the politics game. I just dont want to be bored. Most agencies in my county get 2000-3000+ calls amonth. I know they dont respone to half that.


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