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If I were to decline a conditional offer...


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  • If I were to decline a conditional offer...

    My question: If I were to be given a conditional job offer with one department; and I decline; would that make me look bad in the eyes of my number one choice?
    The scenario: I just took the written test for a local suburban deparment yesterday (Saturday, Sept. 24). Actually, it was a joint test for 2 dept. that work closely together... The department that I am less interested in is looking to send 3 candidates ASAP to the academy (by Jan, '06). The one that appeals to me more is looking to send 1 candidate...no time frame given.
    This is the first test I've taken. I will also be testing with 2 other departments by the middle of October. Also, hopefully in Chicago....if and when they ever decide to issue the test (ever ever ever again!!). Ideally I would like to be hired in the city...but if there's no test coming up soon--I am not sure if I can wait.
    So, if I declined in Da 'burbs, and, if Chicago (or my other preferred department)were to get wind of it, does that hurt me? Might it help that a suburban dept. was interested in me?

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    I can't imagine why declining a position with one department would have a negative effect on getting on with another department. A lot of fortunate officers are in the position to where they can choose which department they want to work for and for a department to blackball you just because you chose to work for them and not the other is kind of silly if you think about it.

    The way I see it they would take it as an indication as to how badly you want to work for them.
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      Thank you gentlemen. That is what I was hoping to hear!


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