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Finally, my hairiness pays off...


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  • Finally, my hairiness pays off...

    I was told last May that I would be accepted into the SFPD on one condition: I have to take and pass a treadmill test because of my history of asthma. So, for the last several months, I've been training and training for this test. I took it Thursday, and passed. I don't think there are any other obstacles in my way from getting into the academy. Who knows, though, the police physician may still say I didn't do well enough on the test, or he might have me repeat it.

    Has anyone else out there had any difficulty getting into a department because of their asthma? What kind of test did you have to take, if any? I had to take what's called the Bruce Protocol Cardiac Stress Test, and was required to get through stage IV of the test.
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    Originally posted by SFPDorBUST
    Finally, my hairiness pays off... .
    I don't like to post my opinions here very often; but damn.....
    What does your thread title have to do with the price of tea in China?


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      lol ya... I was thinking the same thing.


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        well wishes

        I am not sure about your condition but I think if you give one hundred of your efforts that is all you can do. God bless you and fare thee well...


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          My original post included a long story about how I had to take a treadmill test, and since my chest is so hairy, the electrodes wouldn't stick, so they shortened the duration of the test which ultimately helped me. I didn't receive one response to my post, so I figured people were either freaked out by a hairy person, or the post was too long to read. Ergo, I deleted the whole story.


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