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Border Patrol. How Long?


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  • Border Patrol. How Long?

    Written test to academy.

    How long does it take?

    Best case and worst case.

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    They need people fast........best case 4-6 months providing everything goes smooth with BG and medical. Worst case 6-9 months.......you know the G.....slow as molasses. Check out this board for good info on USBP http://forums.delphiforums.com/borderpatrol/start
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      Thanks for the info.

      There are guys on that forum talking about waiting for 2 1/2 years?


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        It quite possibly could take that long.........but like I said BP is looking to hire alot of agents. It took me 2.5 yrs to get hired with CBP.
        I believe forgiveness is Gods function; my job is to simply arrange the meeting.


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          Is there going to be an exam anytime soon. I know there is one out for Border Patrol. I don't want to move out of state. I hear that there is gonig to be a demand on some ports in my area.


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            Check out

            Go to honorfirst.com Its a website run by a retired INS SA for people who are interested in joining the BP. It can take as little as 9 months or 3 plus years. And with katrina you better believe Federal hiring in the yrs to come is gonna take a big hit.


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              Originally posted by SHU
              Go to honorfirst.com Its a website run by a retired INS SA for people who are interested in joining the BP.
              Honor first is the place to go for Border Patrol questions, loads and loads of info. I went through the process in 2002 and it took eleven months from the time I applied for the exam until I was offered an academy slot and station (they offered me Chula Vista station in San Diego, I decided not to take it). Those guys who "claim" it takes years are either telling stories, or they are screw-ups who don't know how to "play the game". If you want BP... do your homework... go to honor first and read EVERYTHING on there. Know the process from start to finish and be ready for each step. The more squared away and prepared you are, the faster the process will go.

              Good Luck... let me know how you like the A.L.T. section of the exam!!!lol


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                Split 50

                I'm not a screw up by any means and I've been in the process for over two years. I took my written exam in Sep 03. The problem was that in 2004 BP had hiring freeze. Now applicants have much smoother ride. Those who tested in May were already contacted for BI.

                If it comes to the process--it's all about geographical location. Like I said I took written test in Sep 03. On the oral board I talked to a guy who took his written at the same time. OB was his last step before receiving 60 Day Letter. For me--it was my first step after the written exam. We had the same score--88, but he chose to go to Arizona and I chose Cali (now changed to Nationwide).

                To the original poster--NOW it's the time to apply. Adjudication of BIs takes less time than ever. Mine took only about a month.

                Good luck.
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                  It all depends! Everyone is right on this one. It can be anywhere from 3 months to 3 years. depends on the location you test, your background, is there a hiring freeze, Etc. Honor first is a good site. Back in the day BP had "expedited" hiring. Aside their volume hiring process, they offered a phone number up that you could call and schedule the test through. The number was only active for a day or so then they stopped taking the calls until next time they offered up the number. My best friend called, got in about 3-4 months, to the academy. Me, I called the next morning and the number was rerouted to regular hiring process. Took me 11 months. If you have hang ups then it could take longer. Now, I would say if your a good candidate and have your background in order, you could be in the academy within a year. They need agents and with the recent media coverage and politicians playing their games over the BORDER, you will certainly see a hiring increase.


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                    Just wondering how long it would take to get on the BORTAC? I DO have the credentials (SOF) and am just wondering how long the waiting game is to get on the team!
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                      I took the test for Customs in Dec. 03 and just today got the conditional offer of employment w/ the SF 86 and the rest of the stuff to keep the ball rolling. Luckily since I already work for the Veterans Affairs Police I have the luxury of being patient . I do look forward to moving to the CBP, the advancement process seems to be much more rewarding than the VA.
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