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    This morning I had my oral board and started my background investigation. There were 5 people in the room during my interview; the assistance chief, 3 officers, and a civilian. The assistant chief was a middle aged white male, one officer was a younger white male, one officer was a younger white female, the last officer was a middle aged african american male, and the civilian was an older african american male. The board only knew me as a number. They didn't have my name nor was I to give it. I was asked several straight forward questions and several hypothetical/situtational questions. The first question was "Tell us about your educational and work experience." The second question was "What do you know about our department and why do you want to work here?" The third question was "What do you consider the dangers of this job?" The fourth question was a hypothetical that went something like, "There was a school shooting and you are the first officer on the scene. What actions would you take?" The fourth question was, "You just made a routine traffic stop and the driver speaks no english. How would you proceed?" And the final question was "You are in the academy and 2 fellow recruits alway argue and fight when training officers aren't around. How would you deal with this situation?" They then gave me the opportunity to tell them why I would make a good candidate. I was never interupted and my answers were never scrutinized or questioned.

    I then met my background investigator and he seemed to like me. He gave me advice and told me that everything looked good so far. My background is clean as far as records are concerned. I don't even have a speeding ticket. I tried marijuana once when I was 17 and I have been intoxicated 2 times. I don't drink any alcohol anymore nor do I have the desire to. The department uses a scoring system of 3500 points to grade oral interviews. My score was 3080 and I was told by the BI that any score over 3000 was usually pretty good. They take that number and, by the total applicants, figure a % grade by computer to determine rank for the academy. So as of now everything looks good an my hopes are high...I'll just have to wait until the beginning of October for a letter letting me know my status.

    I hope my experience helps anyone else that may be about to go through the oral board process. If there are any questions, feel free to e-mail me or send me a PM.

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    Sounds like some standard questions. They use the number identifier in some assessment centers for promotions as well. Gives everyone a level playing field when they walk in the door, sort of.


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