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    Any misdemeanor is serious, but some can be overlooked.


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      Any DOMESTIC is serious even just an arrest w/o conviction will probably ban you, a DUI is NOT serious, I should know. Any drug arrest is probably serious enough for a DQ. Most departments follow a basic serious, not serious format thing. Contact a recruiter for any place u wanna work and ask the source...
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        Anything involving violence or drugs is considered serious at my agency. Something like underage poss of alcohol is not considered serious.


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          Originally posted by joeyboy
          what is considered a serious misdemenor?
          "Serious Misdemeanor: Maximum jail term not to exceed 1 year; mandatory fine of at least $250 but not more than $1,500."
          Following offenses are considered serious misdemeanor(s):
          1. Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) (First Offense: Serious Misdemeanor, Minimum 48 hours in jail and $1,000 fine ($500 of which can be waived if there was no personal or property injury), maximum 1 year in jail and $1,500 fine).
          2. Theft--The severity of the charge and its resultant penalty depends on the value of the goods or money stolen. (Fourth Degree: Serious Misdemeanor, Value of property between $200-500, Minimum $250 fine, maximum of no more than one year in jail and $1,500 fine)
          3. Burglary--The severity of the charge and its resultant penalty depends on whether there were people in the occupied structure or whether the defendant possessed a weapon at the time.
          4.Indecent Exposure: Serious Misdemeanor, Standards--exposing one's genitals to another or commits a sex act in view of a third person with the intention of arousing one's self or another, or knowing that the act would be offensive to the viewer, Minimum $250 fine, maximum of no more than 1 year in jail and $1,500 fine.
          5.Domestic Assault, now with this one here's kicker. Serious Misdemeanor: Visible injury (cuts, bruises), Minimum 48 hours in jail and $250 fine, maximum one year in jail and $1,500 fine.

          and yes dangit I paid attention in law classes at the academy.


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