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    I was wondering if anyone can give me information or experiences that you may have with this department. I am from Northeast PA and am Graduating with a Bachelors Degree, however LEO jobs are hard to come by in PA. I am also wondering what is the most reasonable area of the county to live in, and the safest, as I will be married soon, with a little girl. I also would like any information on the next academy or the process. I know the process is ongoing, but if I apply now, what is the next likely academy date.


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    Hey bud, im not a MCPD officer, but I am scheduled for the tests on 9/17. I am also from Northeast PA and graduate with my BA in December. I don't know about next academy dates but I do know (not sure if it would apply to you) that they will pre-hire you when you are done with the process and pay you full recruit pay plus full benefits to do administrative work until an academy class can be formed. It would help me when I graduate in December and if I am hired and the next academy doesn't start until spring I will still have a job. Also, if you call the personnel office, they will explain to you about how you can find some housing at a discounted price for cadets. That is all I can say about the housing as that was all I was told but I'm sure they can go into more detail. Good luck!


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      Thanks! Good luck to you. I will call the personnel office and ask them about housing. I have yet to apply to the county since I am waiting on 2 other departments, PSP and a local one. I will apply however in the next few days. Any other information that anyone has would be appreciated.

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        Be ready to fill out some paperwork. I just got my packet from Montgomery County. All I gotta say is WOW 40-some pages of your history, and you're gonna have to do some research on some of it to remember it all. I finished 80% of it last night and worked at it for about 3 hours or so. Im glad its almost done, but I probably have one for Prince Georges about the same length coming today or Monday. As far as apartments, I got a rental guide from there last week, about 3 inches thick. I think you can get one online, but not sure. Ill check and get back to ya. Good luck.

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          yeah pg county is just as big, luckily i got my MCPD packet in August so i had a lot longer to fill it out (i was originally scheduled for 8/20 but rescheduled). Good luck on PSP and other agencies and I guess i'll see you on 9/17!


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