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  • More info on Florida LE privacy

    Someone had mentioned in an earlier post about different privacy practices for FL LEO's. Does anyone know any more specifics. I am relocating to FL in a couple of weeks and I'm coming in already certified from out of state. Therfore my time is limited and i'm beginning to set up some of my billing etc. in the next week or so. Are there some different options out there for protecting my information specfic to the Florida LEO community ? Any advice is welcome... Thanks
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    95% of it is up to you. I just started with an agency down here and this is what I've done so far. Got a PO Box and EVERYTHING goes there. Anything I fill out that needs an address gets my PO Box. The only people who know where I live are the SO and any utility companies which obviously need your physical address to provide you service. My license has the SO address on it, as will my vehicle regs when they do them. The SO provided me with paperwork to block all my info via DMV (not really needed if you don't put your physical address on license or vehicle regs), gave me info to block my info from county appraiser office if you own property, and gave me paperwork to submit to local phone company which will keep my number unlisted/unpublished for free (usually have to pay for it).

    Other than that, you're on your own. Just use your PO Box for everything and you should be fine.


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