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Harford Co. Md. Sheriff's Dept


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  • Harford Co. Md. Sheriff's Dept

    I'm applying to them, and was just wondering what the department is like, how many will be hired, and the length of the process? I did see a few recruiting billboards, even in Pa., so I'm assuming the number will be substantial. Anyone here taking the exam? Thanks in advance.
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    I took the test about 4 months ago. It was the same test given that I took with the Maryland Park Police. I overheard another individual state that he took the same one when he tested with Montgomery County Police Dept.

    If you have never taken the test, they give you about a book to study, for about 15 minutes. You pass it back in then take the written test. I got an 84 on the test. Missed the same stupid questions when I took it before.

    The Dept seemed okay. After you took the test they took you in a room in groups of 10 or so. They passed out a background packet the size of the yellow pages. Then they had a training officer there from the Academy go into his tirade about getting in shape, being to slow on runs, and so on.

    You have about 10 -15 days to do the background packet then you have to take it back to the jail and have a photograph and prints taken. I pulled out because I was going on a much deserved vacation, and could not get my packet in on time, that and I caught Camden Yard Fever..

    Good luck taking the test.


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      Thanks, Rugger

      Thanks for your reply, Rugger..I'll definitely give it a shot for sure. I tested with Mont. Co. a few years back, but did not score high enough.
      "Life should be a mission and adventure, not just a mere existence"


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        I got the Harford County Sheriff's Office Physical and Written tests this friday, anyone else attending?
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