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    Could not agree more.



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      Still awaiting a reply from you on this Bodie .......


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        Originally posted by Groundhog
        Still awaiting a reply from you on this Bodie .......
        Don't hold your breath. He's too busy reporting inappropriate avatars...

        Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People.


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          Originally posted by Washingtonian
          Don't hold your breath......
          I'm not.....but I think we really do need an explanation for his position on the matter. He's so quick to expound on his views in everything else, but refuses to comment further on this one. I for one have no intention of letting him forget it.
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            Maybe im wrong but I thought the majority of biker gangs were thugs and dope dealers . And if that is the case maybe one should decide wich side they are own instead of taking up for them and making escuses for their behaivor .


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              No, you're not wrong.....unless you want to add murderers, rapists, illegal arms dealers, and organized motorcycle & auto theft. But they do deliver toys to kids every now and then, so that makes it OK.


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                It seems he will duck and dodge this one I seriously doubt he will respond on this subject .
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                  Groundhog can't even guess your age by your profile so it's doubtful that 19 yrs leo experience is correct either as far as credability explaining something to you has nothing to do with my credability.

                  If a BI or any police officlla would bad mouth an ex officer who was applying for a job someplace else he or she would likely face an interanl investigation and days off etc here.

                  Other then what is actual fact in a file nothing else can be said. Fera of litigation by the department and Ohio's State Employee Relations Board would stop that.

                  In this state you can take the department to that board who can rule in your favor or the departments and if either does not like the ruling then it goes to court and the outcome ther for many a police department and or sheriff has not been a pretty one.

                  I feel bad for those in a so called "right to work state" that right to work attitude and "law" shoudl perhaps apply to factory labor but not to educated certified police officers and a strong union could change that.

                  Myabe finding out exactly how they bad mouth you and getting and attorney to put the fear of a personal lawsuit in the BI's face would stop the BS. Maybe not if there is something in the jacket that is negative and the termination was correct.

                  You would think that if it were a wrongful termination you would get your job back with back pay since that is what happens here. The southern officers appera to be getting crapped on too much as far as employee rights go and that is too dark ages for even me.

                  Why would any former supervisor (Captain In This Case) care if somebody was the biggest piece of crap and trouble maker ? You're no longer his problem and he should just keep his mouth shut and be glad your gone if that's how he feels.
                  Last edited by Bodie; 08-28-2005, 05:02 PM.


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                    Originally posted by Bodie
                    Groundhog can't even guess your age by your profile so it's doubtful that 19 yrs leo experience is correct either as far as credability explaining something to you has nothing to do with my credability.
                    Rest assured, I do indeed have over 19 years with my PD, and just as you have posted before, I have elected not to post my true birthday in my Profile. Doubtful of my experience? I defy you to find one single post of mine that any reasonable person would think undermines my credibility as a law enforcement officer. You, however, posted a reply to a brother officer's question about outlaw motorcycle gangs that inferred he was a small-town rookie cop with nothing better to do than tie up other units harrassing a law-abiding citizen. That seriously calls into question your credibility as a veteran law enforcement officer, not to mention a "Chief." Why not just respond to that instead of calling my credibility into question with no justification? If you can't, then don't bother trying. We'll all understand.

                    By the way, the quoted sentence of yours is gibberish. For a "Chief," your written communication skills are sorely lacking.
                    Last edited by Groundhog; 08-28-2005, 05:30 PM.


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                      Employee Relations board come on give me a break their is no such animal down here in Georgia . All the Georgia department of Labor does is issue unemployment and help people find jobs if you get wronfully canned they will not help you get your job back . And hire a Attorney Georgia is a at will state it is hard to get a lawyer to take your case and very exspensive . The only thing down here that will interest a Lawyer is a racial discimination case so if your case does not fall under that heading your S.O.L.


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                        Bodie does NOT represent central Ohio law enforecment!!

                        I do not want all of the good officers here on the board to think that Bodie is a good representaion of how cops are here in Ohio. The majority of us SUPPORT each other and are very resonable people. Bodie demonstates EXTREME INSECURITY, a high level of NARCISSISM and LOW SELF WORTH by posting his negative comments about everything and everyone, and only disscurages new officer candidates and anyone who he can put down to make himself feel better. Remember Bodie, everytime you point your finger at someone and tell them it's their fault, THREE OF YOUR OWN FINGERS ARE POINTING BACK AT YOU!! Please get help for yourself.


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                          RSS, how did your meeting with the city officials go?


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                            Originally posted by GB0610
                            The current/old sup says, "yes, he works here". Then then BI asks, "what kind of emplyoee is he?" And the current/old sup says, "yes he works here".

                            Get the point. They don't have to bad mouth you, to bad mouth you.

                            That is always the possibility. they are now not open to any lawsuits or things of that nature.
                            I'm sure there are reasons that attorneys advise employers to state that it is company policy to not discuss things like that even if the statements are backed up with verified facts. This may not apply the same to an officer's position as it would a normal citizen's job because there is a benefit to society in discussing or implying an officer's conduct.

                            Either way, I would not think that a former employer would have to expressly state that he thinks the subject was a poor employee to have a suit filed against him, it still costs time and money to defend against. Whether or not the plaintiff is successful in sucn an endeavor is another question.


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                              What stinks.......is here in Texas and in Arkansas, you must sign a release agreeing to hold harmless the agency you are applying for, as well as former agencies that supply information.

                              It's signed and notorized, so you have no recourse, Technically they are suppossed to give dates of employment, reason for leaving, but behind closed doors.......much more goes on...

                              Choose who you work for wisely...


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                                Originally posted by Bodie
                                But why are you be "blackballed" ???
                                We're hearing you're whining but have no file to look at etc. so it just could be there is enough in your file to make you taboo to any agency.
                                Agencies can't just do this without facts to back them up.
                                AND you know this too or you would be contacting a labor attorney rahtehr then saying your being "blackballed".

                                By the wya "blackballed" is usually just one black marble in the cup in this case there would have to be quite a few.
                                You ever hear of politics, An agency CAN do that with NO facts.

                                I know, I used to work for one hell of a corrupt dept. The chief did whatever he wanted.

                                There are also innocent people in jail in case you weren't aware.


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