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Application and BI questions


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  • Application and BI questions

    Some departments want to know which other departments you have applied at and ask for the info on the application form... why is this? Do you have to tell them? Does it count against you if you have applied/are applying to other departments? How far back do they want to know? Or just the current other applications? And what if they are application #3 and you apply at a couple of other departments after them later that week? If they find this out do they assume you are lying/omitting and DQ you?

    Can one police department share BI results or info with another department?

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    good question

    I just had a interview with the fort lauderdale police and they asked me about the other police officer jobs I applied too. I told them the truth but I would think it hurts your chances if you applied too alot of them like I did


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      from my experience, it hasn't hurt to be totally honest with them. If you're applying to a bunch of departments, and they all know, then they know you're serious about getting into the career. They may really like what they see, and if you're lucky, you might get "rushed" through the process for one of departments.


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        Multiple Applications

        I was told on Tuesday morning, they will sometimes speak with other agencies to see how far along in the process they are. Also, whether it is worth it for them to put all the time and effort into the background investigation.

        The recruitment officer also said he was up in NJ a few months ago and showed up to a former resident of the aplicant. He knocked on the door, introduced himself and the person handed the officer a stack full of papers he requested. He did not request any papers and had never spoken to the individual before. Another agency had requested the papers and just hadn't made it up there for the interview yet.
        Applied to Marietta PD-August 8, 2005
        Written test passed-August 16, 2005
        Background book turned in-September 6, 2005
        Oral board passed-September 12, 2005
        Psych test-September 16, 2005
        Polygraph test passed-September 26, 2005


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          Ft Lauderdale asked me the same thing. I have applied to A LOT of agencies/departments. I gave them the reasons why (I had good reasons). It didnt seem to make any difference.


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