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  • Failed probation

    Yesterday I was told that I had failed probabtion and was being put back into dispatch (where I was during the academy and for a few months after graduation waiting for a position to open up). They also told me that they were not revoking my commission but that I would be on reserve status so I could still ride, but it would have to be with another officer. I was also told I should participate in training.

    So now when I apply at other departments, how do I (politely) ask if they have a good FTO program? Will other departments insist on speaking with my current employer (don't want them to know I am applying elsewhere until I have a job in hand and I will definitely give proper notice, since I bear the department no ill will, but I don't want to burn bridges). If I have to give a reference from my current employer, how do I figure out who is the best person to list? Or do I try to get more experience with this department and apply again when there is another opening and see what they have to say then?

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    why did you fail probation? where I work if your failed probation...you got fired or asked to resign?
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      what exactly caused you to fail? Policy Violation? failure to adapt?


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        We have had many people fail probation that have moved on to successful careers with other departments. Some for failure to adapt, some for policy violations, and some for just being morons. It all depends on the philosophy of the next department you apply with. It will not be easy to get another LEO job if you fail probation, but it is not impossible.
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          Why I failed probation isn't anything that would keep me from performing the job at another department, and if I had done anything that would have warranted being fired or asked to resign, I wouldn't be dispatching or still have my commission. In the interest of fairness to both sides, I won't go into specifics except if asked during BI or interview.


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