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    im currently a reserve police officer. i was laid off from my full time employer in april. im currently in the process with 4different pd's in the state. problem is my former employer called me today asking me if i would consider coming back. financially im ok, fiance got a huge raise same time i was laid off, so we're good there. problem is if i say no to coming back to work, and these depts called him in reference to former employers will this hurt my chances of a conditional offer? been a reserve for three years and im hungry for the opportunity to make it a career. also have a degree in law enforcement. i know if i go back he will NOT give me the days off i need when called back to these pd's for the poly psych, physical...any advice..

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    If you and yours feel you will be okay dollars wise then don't go back. Just let your former employer know why you don't want to come back. Tell him you don't think it would be fair to him or the company being that you are looking to try and become a full-time officer.

    Thow the ball back into his court and see if he still wants you to come back on a temporary basis. This will show honesty and fairness to your BI, as well as not burning any bridges in the process....Good Luck....
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      Why not go back, and still keep looking around?


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        Since he apparently needs you ask him if you could come back part time instead so you will have the time to go to your interviews and tests.
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