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    Hello All,
    This is my first post here. I have tested for LE jobs before, years ago but never made it. I went through the reserve deputy academy and was scheduled to be sworn in as a reserve deputy while I was active duty Navy but was transferred, and this was 10 years ago. I am at a crossroads in my life/career, my family and I have decided to get the heck out of So Cal and move to the southeast. We are going to be in a position that I'll be able to put myself through an academy somewhere without having to worry about supporting the family. My question is: Which states have "open" academies?? I read somewhere that N.C. had them at some C.C.'s but I have not been able to find any info. The state really doesn't matter as long as it has mild winters. Also I'm 42 so there can't be an upper age limit. Thanks in advance. John
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    I'm not sure where in SoCal you are but Fullerton College offers the police academy on an extended format so you can still work full time and go to class. On my web site where I keep all my academy notes you'll see a calendar in the photos section. During the week we went to class at night and all day on the weekend. Their is some flexibilty for certain situations also.

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      florida does


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