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    I am in need of your help and opinion. I am 3 yrs away from getting out of the military and starting my life long dream career as a police officer. I am tring to stack the deck in my favor for when it comes time for employment. I will have 8 years in the military, and will be finished with my Associate degree in Criminial Investigation. I want to be hired in PA or western NY so when I get out in 2009 I am going straight to getting my ACT 120 certification. What else can I do to help out my odds of getting the job I want. I am wishing to be hired by a small, more family like department. One more thing. Anyone know of a better website, ( or just a better way as far as that goes) for searching LE jobs? Any help you can throw my way would be great.
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    First and foremost stay out of trouble. Don't end your career before it starts. I don't know how it is in PA or NY but where I'm from we have criminal code books which outline all Fel/Misd/Viol charges. Learn the criminal codes. Take as many classes as possible, no matter how small. Learn a second language, being bi-lingual is a plus, in most places, I would think.


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      First off, thank you for your service.

      As for what you can do, sounds like your doing fine. Complete that degree and get into any other degrees or training along the way. If the opportunity arises, get AS MUCH training as you can. Seek it out and use the services offered to you. It helps some in the interview process because it shows you do more than average, but it's even better for you when you get onto a department and start looking for special duties. Training helps and training on the Governments dime is 10 times better than on your dime. So use it while you can. Get instructor certs where you can, etc.

      When your just under a year out (364 days) start putting in those applications to several departments that you have researched. Most departments (larger ones) take around a year (just an average). That will give you plenty of time to fulfill whatever is needed of you. IF you get an offer early then MOST departments will give you waiver and "wait" for you to finish your service.

      Lastly, keep your finances in check. Some of the biggest problems applicants have are credit problems. Doesn't have to be PERFECT but it can't be crappy either. Stay out of trouble, DUI's, fights, drugs etc.... Lots could come back and bite you in the *** later. Good luck!!


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        Like others have said, it sounds like you're on the right path.

        I can't speak for PA or NY but out West, the (2) biggest things you can do is speak a second language (preferably Spanish) and get a 4 year degree.
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          yeah , i have been thinking about learning spanish by taking some classes at a local college. Thanks for all your advice. Keep it coming and I hope to work among your ranks someday


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            I would say re-think the "small, family type department" thing. So far my career has been small departments, the politics are awful. There is not enough lateral or vertical room. No special units, and if there are there is not enough time to get enough training to really be speacial, and it is usually the whole department anyway (how special is that?). Everybody is trying to get in position to take the one or two top spots, and they stab the guys who could care less. Most of your time is spent dealing with garbage that the other people started. Do not get me started about all the people that you are not supposed to bother, and the people you are supposed to bother even when they do not deserve it. Go to a big departement where you might actually retire.
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