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    Who knows of any south FL departments that have computer crime units. I have a bachelors degree in IT and will be applying soon. I want to join a department where I can be part of cybercrime investigations. Your responses are appreciated.

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    MDPD has one of the finest computer crime units in the country, but you have to wear boots before you get into it.


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      Every Police Dept/Sheriff's Dept/Federal Agency that I know of (regardless of the state), you have to be on the street for while before you can apply for a job like that.

      I just went to a class ran by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and everyone there (from about 40 different states) was a seasoned LEO.


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        If you want to go directly into computer crimes, these agencys do hire directly into a position dealing with such issues:

        Air Force OSI Agents

        Army CID Agents

        Most State AG's Offices


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          4+ years on the street, and usually 2 years of being a detective before you can even apply for a Computer Forensics Dept...

          I believe this is partially because you get sent to a 3 month FBI training academy for computer investigation. That is a very $$$$$ class for your agency.
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            I don't mind the work I have to do to get in. A few years out on the street will be fine I just want to find the right department so I don't have to move around. I want to establish my pension with one department and not have to start all over again with another after a few years of experience.
            The thing is that the departments don't have any information on their website concerning this particular unit. I know Pembroke Pines has one because I went through their Citizen Police Academy. I heard Broward Sheriffs has one but the agency is under fire from what I have read. There are a few good paying departments in the area and I need to know who has this type of unit. Thanks for all your feedback I will continue to do some research. I applied to FBI so we will see what comes of that before I apply locally.


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