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  • Apprehension

    Hey everybody,

    I am a little under two months away from my self imposed deadline to apply to the local police service, and I am pretty worried. I have never been this way before, but now that the date is getting closer I am finding myself getting more and more nervous.

    I started filling out the background package about a week ago, and until then, there was nothing in my history that I was overly worried about. What happened was I came across some questions that reminded me of things that I did. I did some research in the Criminal Code, and discovered that I did not commit a crime, and what I was thinking about doesn't really apply to the question being asked of me. MY problem with this, is I still have a small part of me that thinks I would be acting deceitful if I left it off, and the last thing I want to do is screw around with stuff like this when I have to take a polygraph. Even with knowing that what I did doesn't really apply, I feel I should still let them know.

    A couple of the things I have written down in the background package are somewhat embarassing to myself. How does the selection committe, or the officers doing the interviews deal with situations like this? What should I expect when the interview gets to these parts? Is the interviewer there to humiliate the applicant, or do they just want to find out what happened and leave it at that? I guess this is where my apprehension comes in.

    I apologize for the length of my first post on I have been getting the feeling lately that all this apprehension could be a sign that law enforcement isn't for me...I hope I'm wrong.

    Does anyone have any comments or suggestions for me? Thank-you.

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    if it makes you feel any better, 3 weeks ago i took the written and had a BI interview for a very selective VA agency. The BI treated me like a little child, rolling his eyes when he got my answer to varoius questions (not crimes but embarassing stuff). The test administrator told us that when you leave you will either be highly qualified, better qualified, or denied. The only people that move on are highbly qualified. I for sure thought that I was going to be "better" qualified. I even scratched them from my list. Just last week I get a packet in the mail from them for a conditional job offer and a poly date. So i know what you mean but your best bet in my opinion (not a LEO, obviously) is to put it down and let them decide what to do with it. Best of luck and im sure you will be fine.


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      Thanks SEAL. Since posting this, my nervousness and apprehension has somewhat diminished. I think in the short time period since bringing this topic up, my mind has been eased on my background. There is nothing I can do about it, so why worry? I have to remain confident, and hope things will go well.


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