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  • Alaska State Police

    I was thinking about appyling for the Alaska State Police and was wondering if anyone is or was a trooper in Alaska and could give me more info into what its like then the website does. For instatnce is the training different then other states, is it hard to get in, and how they decide where to assign you(I'm from out of state: New Jersey).

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    I am not an Alaska State Trooper, I am a patrolman with the Coast Guard Police Department in Kodiak, AK and work side by side with AST. Some of our officers go through ALET (AST's academy) and have given me insight on it. I hear it is very very intense academy, according to some it is worse then bootcamp. They do drills called fight for life, which I have gotten to experience while doing Defensive Tactics here in Kodiak. Last I heard AST is hurting for troopers, so it wouldn't hurt to apply. AST have a great group of women and men who are very professional, I always enjoy working with them on different cases. Good Luck!



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      Thanks USCGjoker for the info. Whats the fight for life drill consist of?


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        AST's academy is paramilitay all the way. The only groans I heard is from the 10 mile runs.
        Anyway yes they are hurting but the State is slow on hiring. If you want to get on, do it before because HB 141 which destroys future cop's retirements.
        Many AST have no back up at thier posts and maybe required to use ATV and snowmachines to get around.
        From what I understand they will assign you where they want you, but your time in service will help get where you want.
        Posts near the metro areas are busy areas while others are desolete.

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