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  • PG and Montgomery counties

    I am thinking about applying to Prince George's and Montgomery County PD's. I was wondering if anyone may have information about these departments. Also, I am out of state so any info on that area in general would be a plus. Thanks guys.

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    Here's an article pertaining to PG PD that was in the Washington Post that anyone considering working there may find interesting.

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      Man that makes working for the MPD sound like the way to go.


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        Maryland Counties..

        I work in Pa., just North of Baltimore County. Really, you can't go wrong anywhere around there. Baltimore County is also worth checking out. Anyone I do backgrounds on for our department, i ask them first if they checked out Maryland. Why? Personally, I am a big believer in upward mobility and county policing. We don't have that here because of the older time knuckleheads that don't want to lose their powe, even if they're chief of three people. They still get to answer the phone, "Chief Smith", which gives them a woody. Those departments in maryland, the sky is the limit on promotions, and the retirements are good. The salaries are OK, and I say that only cause the closer you live to DC or Baltimore, the higher the housing. A lot of guys in baltimore county live just across the line in Pa.. Little cheaper. I say go for it and good luck. That's where I would send you!
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          I am in process for both PGPD and MCPD. MCPD is in much better shape (from what i hear) than PGPD. However, PGPD is getting a new package to get the large # of officers they need soon. PG is also a LOT busier than MCPD with crime. I don't live in MD, though so people that live there can speak with more knowledge.


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            PG over Montgomery

            If your looking to be the POLICE then PG is the place to be.. I have been here for almost 6 years and I have seen and learned alot. Great place to work, but I would not live here. Live in Calvert, Anne Arundel, or Howard counties. Good Luck with your career.


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              Info. on P.G. county.

              Hey Helo! I'm presently working as a LEO in New York City and i'm interested in a smaller dept. PG county sounds interesting. What's the pro's & con's of your dept.? What about the application process? Is the cost of living in the counties you mentioned manageable? What about the politics??


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                Working for PG

                Hey Sector Charlie.. Well here are some PRO's from my point of view (Highest paid in the state, Take home car - in county only, Large Dept. - room to grow, 3 districts border Washington,D.C. so you stay busy, and I think we have a great retirement - 60% after 20.
                Some CON's ( No chase policy accept for felonies against person, Poor morale, Limited use of K-9 due to DOJ, and it seems as if our SA office is working against us.
                As far as living here the prices of real estate have sky rocketed. I would live outside the county and commute. If you need anything else let me know.


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                  Forget about living in Calvert County, the price of housing is absolutely absurd!!!
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                    I to am thinking of applying to either Montgomery County or Howard County, most likely MC because of the union. I however may not because I can't seem to find any where to live that is affordable and good to raise a child. Any help would be appreciated. My fiance will be an RN in about 1year.



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