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    I'm doing a report on BIs to prove some classmates wrong. Seems that most think that police depts. hiring process is a joke and that they don't look carefully into peoples background, so, I decided to do a report on the process.

    So if anyone is willing to answer some questions I have that'd be great, if not, thanks for reading anyway:

    How long does the process take?
    Who is in charge of doing the BI?
    If willing to discuss in depth, what steps are involved in the BI?
    On average, how many references, listed or non listed, are contacted?
    How does the BI get a hold of 'non listed' contacts?
    What sources do you seek out for the BI?
    Lastly, what kinds of things are you looking for when doing the BI, either when talking with contacts or looking at paper work?

    Thanks again.

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    1) The process can take anywhere between a few days to a few months depending many factors.

    2) Some agencies have sections that are responsible for recruiting and retention and they typically handle their BI's, other agencies will assign them to a detective, a patrol officer, or someone on light duty.

    3) Typically prior employers are contacted, credit is run, courts and agencies in locations where the applicant has lived are contacted for any unreported legal actions including civil, references are checked and new references are developed and checked.

    4/5) Many times references are contacted to develop other references. For example, one may call the references and not ask them anything about the applicant, but ask for two other people who know the applicant. Sometimes references are interviewed and other times they are just provided with a form asking a few questions. If you are already employed as LE some BI's will try to do a ride along with guys on the applicant's shift or at least talk to them to get a feel for what kind of officer teh applicant really is.

    Typically credit and civil actions are looked at to determine the applicant's ability to manage his personal life. Landlords and neighbors are contacted to determine how the applicant behaves when off duty and how he manages his house. Personal references are contacted to determine what friends and acquaintances think of the person. Professional references are contacted to determine how the applicant conducts himself at work and his work ethic. Basically you want someone who has a high level of personal responsibility, is able to manage their personal and professional life well, has a demeanor that works with LE, someone who can handle stress and boredom equally well, someone who has integrity and is honest above reproach.

    Some BI's are hurried and or not motivated and others are do a very good job. Some agencies just want bodies and will not pay attention to what the BI says as long as the applicant is not a total idiot, though we've had a few of those get through too.

    Hope this helps.

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