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Port Saint Lucie


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  • Port Saint Lucie

    Can anybody give any info about this department? Moral, good things, bad things, equipment... etc? Thanks in advance

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    Don't know about the department, but the area is growing FAST.


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      yea, I know it is growing like mad. Sometimes that is good for the PD. Hope someone has some info. Thanks


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        Amazing Recruitment video


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          PSL is a growing area, and from what I hear a decent department. I have received many emails from recruiters... just not the place for me. Good luck.
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            This is my first post here, but since I lived there for 34 years & worked in public safety for over 15 years before I picked up and left 7 months ago I'll tell you whatever you want to know and maybe somethings you don't.

            Port St Lucie is in St Lucie County

            There are 3 agencies in the county and a few campus police also.

            1. St Lucie SO
            2. Ft. Pierce PD
            3. PSL PD

            PSL has the highest pay to start ( inside the county )but are also the most selective. The department is very community oriented. No take home cars ( very few anyway ) The Chief there is Chief Skinner and a very good man. The city manager on the other hand... well nothing good to say. The city has way to many people and not enough roads, so it takes longer than forever to get anywhere and that includes calls for service. They do the best they can but traffic at all hours is horrible. They work eight hour shifts. You will respond to alot of calls that are not LE related, and the administration has been quoted for saying that they will unload your groceries for you if you ask. Due to the non emergency type calls they will handle there are usually calls holding and they write reports on almost everything.
            Still a very good Dept to work for and the beni's aren't bad or too costly. Crime in general has been steadily increasing with the growth.

            SLSO Sheriff Mascara is a good man and a former Deputy with the same Dept. Depupty Chief Wilson also a good man and formerly of PSLPD. All take home cars. Wide area of coverage,and a call load, not as high as PSLPD, but of a more serious nature. Pay not quite as high as PSL ... this would be my choice agencies inside the county to work for if I was to go back... ( that aint happening ) good beni's and state retirement. 8 hours shift on the road and 12's in the jail

            FT Pierce PD ( FPPD ) This is where you run all day and all night long to calls. Your lucky if you get a dinner break, but don't bet on it. Much more violent crime in a declining area. Some take home cars, but reserved for senior officers and they must live in or very close to the city. The Chief there was on his way out when I left 7 months ago.... he may still be there. Nothing good to say about him anyway, but there are some very good men in the upper brass. The pay is the lowest and beni's are not good and very costly. If you want to work hard for very little this is the place to be. Moral is poor here, or it was... if there has been a change at the top it may be better. 11 1/2 hour shifts

            If there are an more specific questions, I'd be happy to help you.

            The entire county is growing to fast for services to keep up... Schools are OK, but not great... property prices are thru the roof ...

            Hope this helped, let me know if you need names of people to talk to or anthing.


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