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applying many departments


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  • applying many departments

    Ok so I heard that it is smart to apply to more than one department at a time, I was curious what happen's if you get two departments at the same time who are interested int you? Do you go throught the whole process with them and the decide which one you want to work for? or do you have to choose at the oral interview? I mean what happens if you tell one know and you go with the other department and for some strange reason they DQ you or something you cant just go back to the other one and say cont my hiring process or can you?

    How does this work?

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    Don't have any personal experience in this area but I would say that they aren't going to offer you the job at the same time. If you have a couple that are interested, pick the city you had rather work/live in and go with it. If it doesn't work out for whatever reason, go to the next. Do not tell one agency you'll work for them and then not show up or blow them off because another agency calls. You never know what you may need later in life. Pick one and go with it.


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      I say go through the process with as many different departments as you feel comfortable with. Don't apply with so many that you can't make each department's written exams, oral boards, physical ability tests, etc though.

      I had my application with three places (one of which actually is in charge of about 12 departments, and each department does their own thing after the written exam.)

      They will all move at different paces. The department I was hired onto (start Monday) did the entire process in 3 months. A couple others have been four months and are just now starting the background process.

      I would not rule any department out until you hear the words "Unconditional offer of employment."


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        Apply at numerous departments, and follow through on the procesess until you find the one you want. If you get more than one offer, evaluate them both, talk to street cops from both, and then decide. Regardless of what you may hear, it's not always about the money. If you work for a department with poor management and low moral, it's not worth the money. I know from experiance.
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          As was said before I would apply with as many as you feel comfortable with. They almost except you to apply at more then one department. In fact last October I took a written test that was good for six different departments. Good luck.


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            Apply to as many departments as you are interested in working for. If two or more contact you at the same time go through the process with all of them, but tell them that you are processing with others. When they offer you a job, conditional offer of employment, then decide which one you want to work for.
            Definately ask the officers about the department, ask people with surrounding agencies also if possible.


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              My 6th POST test is tomm. morning and still in the process for the other 5 right now as well..Gonna wait a while to work my thru them all before I may wittle 1 or 2 out
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