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anti-depressants/Police regulations


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  • anti-depressants/Police regulations

    What do you feel about anti-drepressants and police work. Many officers these days are being prescribed them more and more. This seems to be the trend these days. What are the chances of a recruit getting picked up by a agency where the person is on them already.( if they are lawfully prescribed by a DR.) I know every case is different but I wanted to get some imput. Lets say a recruit is set up for a medical exam and he or she discloses that they are on small doses of anti-prepressents, will that affect the outcome of the hiring process?

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    You would be surprised at how many cops are on some sort of anti-depressant or attend some sort of counseling. This job is not easy for everyone to handle. There is a stereo type and a fear to be honest about these things but in many departments it will not disqualify you. But then again it may, each department is different, be honest about it, don't lie during your application process including the psych eval. You won't know the answer until you actually go through the process yourself. Each person is different. It may disqualify one person but not the other.


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