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  • Graduating next year...

    Hi there,

    After 5 long years here at UAF, I'm finally coming around to graduation.

    I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row in the best possible fashion before applying after the new year.

    How things should look by then:

    I've been a CSO with the UAF PD for over 3 years now, and have risen through the ranks to Student Supervisor, our highest position.

    This Fall, I'll enter the TVC LE Academy, and should graduate in December.

    I'll also graduate in the Spring with a Political Science BA degree, and a Philosophy minor. I currently also have an A.A.S degree.

    The sworn officers at work have been extremely helpful as well, providing all manner of advice and guidance along the way.

    I guess all I'm really looking for is a distant 3rd opinion. Does all of this make me an attractive candidate? Any other suggestions?

    I don't mind if I fail the application process... as long as I've made the best effort possible.

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    Keep ypur nose clean and get in the best physical condition you can .. Height vs Weight and strength and endurance


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      Working on the physical conditioning part. I'm not in bad shape.. about 180 pounds at 5'10". I could use more muscle mass though... I don't have much in the way of strength. Carrying a little extra weight around my midsection, trying to drop about 10 pounds with diet and exercise.

      One of our officers helped me establish a workout routine last week, so I'm into the first week of that right now. Running / body weight / dumbbells / stretching, etc. Academy starts in about a month, and I'm sure we'll have PT there too.

      I've always stayed out of trouble pretty well... I'm sure that nothing I've done is going to hang me up on a BI. There's enough threads on here with people running down their dirty laundry list... I'd post mine if you wouldn't laugh me into oblivion.



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        Quickie Update

        Well, getting ready to head down to Oregon next month for my first hiring process, hopefully this goes well!

        Graduated in November from the Police Academy... managed to pull a 4.0 GPA, learned a lot, and had fun.

        Been running.. a lot. Eight minute mile is pretty easy, been practicing sprinting for the last couple weeks. Running 4-6 times a week now, usually at least 2 miles.

        Gonna give this a shot and hope for the best,



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          Congrats on graduating, keep up the good work. If you have the time and money try to learn another language. I'm just curious as to why you have to go all the way to Oregon to get hired. I keep reading about how Anchorage PD is constantly hiring. Are you looking to leave Alaska?



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            I moved up here from Seattle to go to school, and finish my degree here in May.

            My wife and I's family is all down in the lower 48, and we need to be closer to them (my wife had some serious medical issues come up this past year). Her family is mostly in Oregon, hence the decision to move there.

            Looking foward to it, I can only handle so many 40 degree below zero winters...

            As for language, I've studied ASL and Spanish here at UAF, and have a basic knowledge of each... far from fluent, but I know enough to get through most situations.

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              Another update!

              Physical Test - Passed
              Written Test - Passed
              Oral Board - Passed

              Background - Starts this week

              Medical - No anticipated problems
              Psych - No anticipated problems

              Love this waiting game =)



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