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  • Raleigh/Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD Info...

    I'm possibly looking to apply to one of these departments. I was wondering were there any officers from these particular departments or if anyone in general had any advice? I'm from the D.C. metropolitan area, right outside of D.C. in Prince George's County. So I'm looking for the major city, but suburban feel from a department. I also want to know what a typical work week is like? Is there an abundance of overtime or off-duty opportunities? Which department has the better benefits? How the process is for out-of-state applicants? How tough is the academy and length of time in the academy for either department? I appreciate it if anyone has any information of either department.

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    CMPD runs the range from inner city to rural. A typical day depends alot on where you end up working and what shift you are on. About half of the districts have a very urban "big-city" workload, and half are more like a suburban county police. If you have more specific questions, send me a PM.

    To my knowledge salaries are pretty comparable, and retirement is the same at the 2 agencies. Charlotte has a residency requirement, but it is 45 miles from downtown, which allows a pretty wide choice of where to live.


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