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Things to list On BI


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  • Things to list On BI

    Ok so I filling out my background packet, I was curious is really neccessary to list everything you have possibly done? Such as being suspended from school, taking a little money from your parent's etc... It all seems like such little stuff that I had forgotten about and then it seesm like I wake up at
    1 am remeberign something I forgot I did.
    Any advice? What thing's should you list? Everything?
    How strict are they? How do they research all this information?

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    I don't know what your BI questionnaire asks, but here's what I did. I answered everything it asked for truthfully. I gave what they asked for, and nothing more.


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      Its important to list anything you remember on your BI packet, no matter how trivial. I listed things like how I stole a pair of those kiddie sunglasses when I was like 8 years old (theft), how I used to write my name on my desk in high school (vandalism), etc etc. Its better to list them on the packet because they match it up with your polygraph. So if you knowingly withhold info that you stole X when you were Y years old, that could show up on the poly and could seriously harm your credibility. And trust me, they will appreciate your honesty in listing things like that on the BI packet. So if you remember things from your past, no matter how trivial or how long ago, write it down. If not, it'll come back to bite you in the butt. Good luck!


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        We all have done stupid things before that we regret. Going through application processes are hard because you have to tell a background investigator who is a complete stranger every stupid little thing you have done. This process is not easy, that is why a lot of people don't make it through. Believe me when I tell you that you are not going to tell your background investigator anything they have not heard before. Sometimes it is easy to forget that they are human too. Everybody on the dept. has gone through the same process you are going through and we all understand what it takes and that it is tough. Be completely honest. Believe me when I say if you are truly a quality candidate those small things in your past can be over looked. At the same time though, they have guidlines they have to follow and if you fall outside of those guidelines, all it may take is time to get by.

        Good luck.
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          I seen police applications with them asking for all sorts of stuff....
          sure glad none of them were on my application....and thats for 2 agencies.
          if i remember the polygragh...they asked....10 or 15 questions and went over them with ya...don't recalll anything before the age of 18,..and nothing
          about my family except....listiing them for insurance...or emergency contacts.....well good luck on filling that out....!

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