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Reserve......it's a good thing, right?


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  • Reserve......it's a good thing, right?

    I'm a week away from taking the post exam and graduating the academy I'm attending and so far I've had two interviews with two offers for reserve deputy in the surrounding counties. It's not exactly a success story bc reserve positions seem to be pretty easy to come by but I'm assuming it's a step in the right direction. ?? Kind of a foot in the door type of situation? Of course, I have a number of other apps out there and testing processes scheduled so hopefully I'll get a "payin gig" soon.

    Guess I have to start somewhere and I'm happy to get these opportunities but I don't want to get mired down in the "part time cop" muck. What can I do to better my chances for full time once a position opens up?

    I'm just a bit discouraged as I'm typically a good test taker and normally do well in interviews so I expected something more.
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    as a reserve, i feel i could be of some help to you..serving as a reserve police officer is a two way street. i serve as a reserve in a rather large city in indiana. been on approx 3years, approx 1000 hrs of service, completed 480 unpaid reserve academy...yet many full time officers on this dept treat you like a step-child. no matter how many times you back them up on a heated domestic, have their back when someone does not wanna go to lock-up, they will treat you like you are an un-equal..other reserves in this area for other depts get paid to work side details, however their time in uniform is spent working in the jail, or the dept is so small, they do not do anything on the street. i get sent to the domestics, shootings, stabbings, etc...I strongly suggest you do a ride along with these depts you are applying for , specifically ride with a current reserve with that dept, they will give you an honest insight into their reserve program...please note i doubt all depts treat their reserves the way this dept does, however just look into it before u volunteer your life.
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      Hey SCREWED,

      Go for it -- I am looking to become a reserve officer myself. One of our county's Deputy Sheriffs was a reserve deputy before they offered him a paid position. He took it. You never know how things turn out in life.
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        If you want a foot in the door, this is it.
        I was a reserve for four years. I got to do everything the regular guys did. That can be good and bad. They got paid for court, I did not. You will learn what reports to keep your name off of.
        Be careful on the level of force you use, as well. You won't be union and won't be represented by ANYONE but your own bank account if you get in a mess. Maybe your area is different though. Look into it, but don't ask just anyone. Ask someone you trust not to tell anyone else you asked that kind of question. If you don't know anyone, just don't ask.
        Being a reserve is an excellent way to let the full timers see what kind of hard working, dependable and reliable cop you will be. Or if you are a piece of crap, they'll see that too.
        Reserves do not get the same amount of training as full timers. Remember that because the full timers will. Know your place and don't over-step your boundaries. Respect that they are doing their JOB, you are not. You might want their job, but you don't have it yet.
        A career job will come from being a reserve if you truly deserve and want it. I don't know a reserve who wanted to be full time that didn't eventually get an offer.
        Good luck!


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          I was a reserve before I was hired full time and learned so much from that experience. It is a great idea, just keep your nose clean and dont act like you know everything. Show up to ride as much as possible and let the full timer's know that you are there to LEARN from THEM. Not that they are better people than you, but they will be better than you at their JOB. If you follow this advice and show some initiative, it will be a GREAT resume builder ! GOOD LUCK
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