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    Originally posted by trpr2b
    I could be mistaken but the rule used to be that you had to live in the State of North Carolina for at least one year prior to applying.
    that was the case a year or so back... now i dont think that is a minimum requirement now...

    Originally posted by NCHP website
    Must be a citizen of the United States, and must be a legal resident of or reside in North Carolina as of the date he/she reports to Basic School.


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      Much better. Thank you for the update
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        Originally posted by cincinnaticj7
        So does anyone know if I need to be a resident of North Carolina before applying since I live in Cincinnati, Ohio now?

        Not for applying, but need to be a resident of NC before reporting to rookie school. Here is the applicant web page http://www.nccrimecontrol.org/Index2...,000734,000736

        also, a thing I just thought of, NC is having a big issue with Law Enforcement professionals and cohabitation. A few have been fired and some arrested over it. Most people don't even know of the law and only seven state have it I believe.
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          Originally posted by cincinnaticj7
          I am looking for more information on the NCSP. I have reviewed their website, was just wondering if anyone had any more information on them, like what is the average work week like (hours, days, schedule)? How good/bad are the benefits? How 'tough' can it be to get in? What are some things that could help me out to get on to the NCSP even though I am an out of state resident?

          Just read your posts and the others. One quick comment, not an argument, I too am glad I am am not a trooper for NCSHP. They are not State Police and have very little involvement with crimes other than traffic related.

          That being said, I live and have worked in NC LE for fifteen years. On several occasions, Troopers have came to my aid and likewise me to theirs. There academy is very diciplined and extremely mentally and physically challenging. They will break you down to cry for your mommy and then build you back to be a man. They have released some of their restrictions in last couple of years ie> you used to have to move from your home county. Now they try to assign you to a neighboring county and allow you to live in your home. They are very diciplined even after the academy and there appearence as well as their history is very important tho the entire organization.

          It is a good organization to work for, however, most of the job is ticket writing and accident investigation. A close personal and professional friend of mine just graduated from NCSHP about a year ago. He worked under my supervision as a city officer and after I left that agency, he was my replacement as supervisor. He always wanted to be a trooper, but he will tell you now. "I would not go through that BS again for nothing" I had rather be a city cop and make less money than go through that hell. Good luck to you and hope this may give you a little more info.

          By the way, Tennesee Trooper, that was one hellofa shift for you. GOOD WORK! No disrespect to anyone, I don't know any NC troopers that have ever worked that hard (outside the academy). At least around the areas where I work.


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            Two good stops

            That is not the norm for me but it does show that you never know what you'll encounter...That really wasn't working hard to make those arrests...Like I said six of those arrrests were out of two stops I had little time for anything else for the next few days...One thing about traffic patrol that sometimes gets forgotten even by folks working traffic is that criminals have to get to where they're going somehow and thats usually in a car
            On the other hand I monitor and respond to calls on the county/city net...I find that around here they do alot of answering false automated alarms...Helping with civil disputes and then it hits the fan...It's really the same all around...Boring, Boring and then extremely not boring!!!


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              Originally posted by FutureLE
              This is not a knock on any specific State Patrol, but it seems to me that all you would do as S.P is write driving citations..Maybe I am wrong, but that would be pretty boring to me.

              Any other opinions or things I didnt think about
              In Mass.they are the State Police and they have very unlimited police powers meaning within the different depts they have jurisdiction not only on the interstates but even in the localities in all aspects such as Logan Airport security,Statehouse ,Massturnpike...2500 Troopers within the state ..


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