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    I've been reading this forum for a while and have gotten a lot of excellent information. I figure it's time I provided a little info as well.

    I got my packet for PG county. They have a screening list to fill out and bring to the written and agility test. They say the test can take up to 5 hours.


    11 Memory questions
    11 Observation questions
    16 Reading Comprehension questions
    57 Handling Situation questions


    440 Yard (quarter mile) in 144 seconds.
    40 Yard dash in 10.3 seconds.
    Up and down 2 flights of stairs in 14.3 seconds.
    Running Broad Jump of 6 feet.
    Drag a 160 pound dummy 10 feet in 9 seconds.
    Climb a 4 foot, then 5 foot, then 6 foot fence in 21.7 seconds.
    Trigger Pull.
    Push a sled weighing 180 pounds 2 feet.

    They asked two background questions:

    Have you ever used Marijuana more then 20 times?
    Have you used illegal drugs in the past 3 years?

    So now here is my question. I have to answer the Marijuana question with a yes, as I know I must have used the stuff more then 20 times back in the day. (Of course, it's been over 10 years since I've used anything illegal but that's not what they ask.)

    It sounds like it's a disqualifier question so I am unsure what to do. Lying is absolutely not an option for me. The issue is whether I continue with the process, answering the question and risking getting DQed on it, (and therefor, having to tell other departments I was refused a job due to drug use history) or do I bow out of PG county and continue to pursue other departments. Rumor in the area is that PG County is very strict when it comes to past drug use, but then you know how reliable rumors are.

    Anyone have any advice or insight?


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    Hey i was in PG County taking the written and agility last saturday. The marijuana issue is only a disqualifier on the first day if you used it 3 years ago or less. I know this from personal experience because my one time was 2 years and 10 months ago and they told me i have to wait till october to re-apply but the tests i passed (written and agility) are valid for a year. I can vividly tell you about the entire day if you PM me because it will take too long to post on here. I know for a fact though the people that answered "yes" to more than 20 times were taken aside and asked how long ago it was BEFORE they took the tests. If it was like you said, you should have no problem testing unless they changed the policy from last week.


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      You should be good to go, unless you lie. Marijuana is ok. Others not so much. And Ten years ago...I think the time span was 3 years. Maybe five now. And they look at your age and the fact it may have been experimental.
      A friend of mine is on and he said he admitted it and it was 7 years prior.


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        Thanks for the insight. I'll let ya's know how it turns out.


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          I took the PG test on July 8. Did any one get any thing in the mail yet? I completed the background packet given to us after testing I just dont know what to do with it. Are we suppose to hang on to the packet until the interview or mail it back into BGI. Thanks for any info.


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            derekpa, my understanding was that you hold onto it until they call you for an interview in which you will bring the packet in with you. The exact words of the administrators for me last Saturday were "Take the packet, place it on your shelf for at least a week and get all your documents together before filling it out." Hope that helps.


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              So to follow up, the information given here isn't entirely correct. PG county doesn't care how long it's been since you've used drugs. What they DO care about is if you've tried anything after the age of 21.

              So if you've used marijuana more then 20 times ever, and 1 or more of those times were after the age of 21, PG County will DQ you before you even make it inside for the written test.


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                Well from my personal experience with PG county on July 23 this year, I got through the PAt and Written and then they told me i have to re-apply in October because I experimented with marijuana once in my life in September 2002. They told me their policy is more than 3 years ago for any illegal substance to GET your blue book. I was 20 when i tried it and am 22 now. So i didnt do it after 21 and they told me to wait for 3 years after the experimentation. To clarify, i never received my blue book for this reason. They told me personally. Hopefully this helps.


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                  Thanks for the info. This will help.
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                    Here's a nice article on PGPD. It seems like a trainwreck there, good luck to any of you who go for it.

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