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    Anyone here from Orlando? I'm in the testing process. I was surprised how quick the seem to be moving. I apllied online last month and already have the written test on Aug. 26th, followed by the Poly and something else...if I pass the civil service test.
    I know it's a city, so I know there will be issues...but I need to here good, bad, indifferent opinions about the agency, working, shifts, OT, extra jobs, promotion, retirement, whatever!
    The pay is upper 30's, does anyone know if they offer more for experience? I have 20 in, that's in Pa.(I am already Fl. certified).
    Also, the big question as I've found anywhere in Florida...does the pay keep up with the cost of Living around there...or do I need to upsize happy meals at Burger King on the side?
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    My .02 being a FL LEO that moved to PA and heading back to FL.. OPD kicks ***!! They do have their problems, but who doesn't in this day and age. I'm about 45 minutes from Orlando on the East Coast, and go there all the time. I have quite a few friends on OPD and they all love it. You can either hump calls, or get one of the out-lying zones and do your own thing. The world is up to you there.

    BE SAFE!!! and Good Luck
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      Orlando PD

      20 yrs at 70% or 25 yrs at 80%. They have a COLA in the pension beginning at age 50. Paid medical for retirees upon retirement, although the City is trying to do away with that. Tons of off-duty details, plus you get events at the TD Waterhouse Center, Citrus Bowl, etc.. All equipment including firearm and shoes are provided.
      Down side is they are in the midst of an ongoing contract dispute. But I'm sure that will pass. I intend to apply with OPD in the December '05, hoping for an August '06 hire. (according to the department's website) If I could be so lucky.
      Housing is still somewhat affordable, although it is increasing. Best prices are in Lake and Osceola.
      Everyone starts at entry level pay step (as far as I know)
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        I just turned my application in to the academy in Orlando and the secratary there told me that Orlando is on a hiring freeze right now, but should start up again in October. Like SFLCOP said our Mayor Buddy Dyer is trying to do away with the paid medical for retirees. It was all over the news today.

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          Yep, typical big city, hire today, freeze tommorow. Layoffs is what you really need to be afraid of. That post medical stuff, that kills cities and towns. They HATE it cause eventually they pay out the ***. But....that also tells me that there must be a good union down there to have got that in to begin with! That stuff is big in NJ, NY where police unions seem to be one step down from God, but in the Southern States, it's practically non-existent. That's a double edged sword too, cause guys that are close to retirement may go when they are up so they don't chance losing it....which means more openings for hire and rank. Downside, you'll work forever because you need the bennies to raise the family, and when you get to be near 50, you start needing the meds, so you gotta keep working. What will end up happening if they get rid of the meds(post), less people will leave, rank will clog up, and less hiring will occur.
          "Living may not be free, but thank God we are free to live"


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            Orlando is a great agency. Starting pay is competitive with other cities of similar size. Recently we were awarded a 2% raise after an extensive union battle with the city(not good but still the highest paid in central Florida). Not much OT but off duty is plentiful at $25.00/hour. Shifts are 12 hour with two or three days on then two or three days off. I have 10 plus years and am topped out in pay $27.89/hour. We stay busy, but that makes the time fly. Finally you will not need to super size aything.


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