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Pistol range part of Appication Process??


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  • Pistol range part of Appication Process??

    Part of the requirements for application process (or tests) is that you have a pistol range you need to qualify on. Has anyone ever heard of or done this befor? What would they want you to do?
    This is a what the recruiter told me "The pistol range is to
    see if you have the ability to qualify with proper instruction" I cant make any sence out of this.
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    If you can listen and endure pulling the trigger about 70 times... At least thats what the Highway Patrol recruiter told me...


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      I've never heard of such a thing in Connecticut. Not for applicants, anyway.

      We usually take our new hires to the range before they go to the Academy, just to give them an introduction to firearms. But we don't require that they qualify.
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        Not here. It is not part of application process. But we have had recruits fail the firearms course and get washed out. No matter how hard they tried or how much extra range time they got they still washed out.

        It should be said that part of the preparing to becoming a law enforcment officer is some private firearms training to see if you can pass.


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          This dept. is in SC. I never heard of it befor ether so idk.
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            With my current dept in Louisiana, there is a range day immediately after the psyc, oral and background....it is as important as the others. They want to see if you have any proficiency with firearms and if you can follow instructions. This keeps them from losing money when you get in the academy and get to the range and can't walk and chew gum.


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              Its a popular thing with several SO's in Florida also.
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