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Will an undetected crime from my past hurt my chances?


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  • Will an undetected crime from my past hurt my chances?

    A few months ago, I was going through the selection process with a police department in NY state. I thought I had a pretty good chance of getting in. I passed the physical fitness test, 1st interview went well, my background check went smoothly and I passed the polygraph exam. At the beginning of the process I had to list all undetected crimes I ever committed. During the pre-polygraph questionaire, a detective asked me all types of questions. And then he asked if I have ever "peeped". I never thought of it up until this point but 4 years ago when I was 19, I was at a party in my hometown. My ex-girlfriend lived practically 4 houses down and I saw that her new boyfriend's car was in the driveway. After drinking a little bit, I decided to go over and look in the window. They were on the couch making out. I stood there for just a little bit and then went back to the party.

    After I told the officer what I did in my past, he asked me if I touched myself while looking into the window. I thought for a second and remembered that I did for a short period of time. I never exposed myself or anything like that but I did touch myself. I know it sounds creepy, but I am not the type of guy who does that stuff. I was drinking and it just happened. I have never done anything like that since that incident. I was later disqualified because the background investigator said I should have mentioned it from the beginning.

    So now I am beginning to go for my first interview with a Police Dept in NC. I know an officer in the Department and he is going to sponsor me, which will prioritize me above others, I have a BS degree in criminal justice and I also participated in an internship with the county sheriff's dept, and besides that I have experimented with marijuana about 9 times. I guess Im just a little worried that when I tell this new department why I was disqualified from the other dept. , I wont get in.

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    The problem is that the only one who is truly an expert on Mike100's life is you. You may be a top notch guy but you can understand how a PD would be hesitant to appoint you especially if there are a hundred other "non- peeping" applicants (I know it was a one time thing).

    Keep applying and don't give up.

    Good luck
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      I Think Posting This In One Forum Would Be Sufficient... You Are Going To Get The Same Answers From The Same People.
      In law enforcement, the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

      In God we trust. Everyone else is run through NCIC.

      Sometimes there is justice. Sometimes there is just us.

      I'd rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6.

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        Originally posted by sflcop
        I Think Posting This In One Forum Would Be Sufficient... You Are Going To Get The Same Answers From The Same People.

        I thought this looked familiar.
        Job description as told by an old timer: "Drive fast cars, look at pretty women, and drink coffee".


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