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  • B.p.a.d

    Anyone take the B.P.A.D.? Any advice on what excatly it is? Delray requires it. Anyone know anything about it?

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    The BPAD is a behavorial assesment test. There are a couple of PDs in Palm Beach County that require it. You will be in a room w/ a video screen, microphone, and camera. A scenerio will play on the screen, and you will have to respond as if you are the officer. They will score you based on your reactions, and how you handle the situation. How you respond will determine how the sceneiro progresses. Some departments have gone to these to replace the oral board. I personally think they are a crock since they are not realistic for the most part. Good luck.
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      I've taken one and I completely hated it. It sucks much ***, and it's embarassing. Might be good practice if you're an aspiring b-list actor.
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        It is a weird experience, but if you have to do it, remember: First, Officer Safety, make sure you ask about weapons, that you tell suspects to take hands out of pockets. If DV situation, ask victim if any weapons in house, tell her she did the right thing by calling and ask where suspect is. If child abuse, molestation, find out where other victims may be, where suspect is, description, and again weapons. Tell the child they did the right thing by coming to your house (if any of the calls are you off duty, some of mine were). KEEP TALKING to the screen during most of the uncomfortable 20 seconds of response. Don't appear as if you don't know what to do. LEO's are ALWAYS expected to know what to do or fake it to the public. Good Luck.


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