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  • columbus ohio

    recently applied with columbus oh pd. any personal info into the dept..heard its a very desirable pd to work for. any info on pay, ot, side details, cost of living, crime rate..etc

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    Last time I was on the website, they had quite a bit of information.


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      I grew up in Columbus Ohio and spent almost my whole life there except when I moved to VA to be an officer. The dept is a very good dept in my opinion. All my friends and their fathers work there. Crime is average for a growing city. I believe in the latest poll they put out for a city with over 450,000 residents Columbus was I believe 10th in overall crime. The pay is excellent along with the benefits. Plus the incentives that they pay for going to school, and getting your degrees or advanced degree's.

      Ohio as a whole is a very reasonable place to live. Cost of housing is reasonable, pay is great, so there is always something in a persons price range. I was in shock when I moved to Richmond and seen their pay and overall housing prices and the taxes. My family lives in Grove City and the west side of Columbus, I enjoy the West Side and the Hilliard Dublin area. They live well for being blue collar. One nice thing is that the department lets you live anywhere in the seven surrounding counties

      The Dept has a lot of off duty overtime and regular patrol duty overtime to work, and Columbus has a lot of events always going on. Especially during Ohio State Football home games.

      Plus with the department being Union, you have those benefits as well. I worked my way through college in the Union trades and Ohio is a Union state. MOved to VA what a culture shock, no Unions.

      They are a growing dept, with a lot of room for advancement. A large variety of assignments. The written civil service test is the biggest joke I have ever seen. They have a new PT test over the old one. Their process is very thorough, especially the background. Academy typical, 6 months. NO take home cars though. Carry the Smith and Wesson 4506. That is the major complaints from all of my friends.

      Any questions ask.
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        I spent 5 years as a Columbus Police Officer before going federal and loved it. I also grew up in the area, and miss the city and especially the guys I left behind at times. I think that you would be hard pressed to find a better all around Police Department.

        Like all places, it has it's problems, but having worked for several law enforcement agencies, they all have them. They just bult a new multi-million dollar training academy that is MONEY!

        If you are hired there, I doubt you would regret it.

        Best of Luck,


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          thanks for the post. im currently a reserve with ft wayne in, pd. about 250,000, so a little smaller than columbus. i have the experience and an a.s. degree in law enforcement. does columbus give preference to those with degree , experience, or military? also was told that they are on a huge minority kick right now, any info on that?


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            Tough to Get On With Columbus PD

            You will be one in five hundred for each position so be ready. College degree in hand etc. Hard to get on and you have to be in tops shape and have good credit and clean backround (NO ARRESTS AT ALL) and a clean driving record.
            Many of my friends and fellow FOIP members at Capital City Lodge 9 are CPD.
            I have taught at their academy and man is the new one fantasic

            What is your background age and education ????

            Most CPD officers live in suburbs or in adjoining county. Once you tour Columbus you will see why. No one wants their kids in Columbus Public Schools. Cost of living is okay taxes on real estate somewhat high and there is a lot to do. If you get hired and are high energy you can basically be busy running call to call/ Be aware CPD has a no pursuit policy. They follow and call it off pretty quick unless shots fired etc.

            Columbus has had 56 murders and it is mostly black on black gun violience. mayor is black as is Chief & Safety Director and mayor is running for Governor.
            Mayor just announce a task force to curb the violience we see on the streets every summer. Once cold weather hits it goes away till the next summer.

            Good chance for promotion after 3 to 5 yrs if you get degree beyond associates etc. My whole neighborhood is CPD of FCSO kind of well armed and we have no crime.
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              Columbus PD

              Hi Nadster,
              I have been with CPD for almost 8yrs. I worked for a villiage and an SO prior to joining CPD. I can tell you that CPD is the best police job in Ohio. They do not micro manage us, the pay is top notch with as much special (off duty work) as you want. The benifits are still awsome, even though we had an increase in our monthly health insurance cost recently. There are 19 different precincts to work, 5 different shift hours (including some 4-10 jobs), and every type of special unit and detective squad you can think of. You are not rotated or ever forced out of a job. You can stay in an assignment for your entire career or move jobs every 56 days.

              They do not expect much out of you. As long as you answer the radio and handle the calls on your district, you are fine. If you don't like to stop cars or pedestrians, no problem, if you want to stop everything that moves, no problem. The brotherhood is not as alive here as I wish it was (like on the east coast) but it is still here and alive most of the time.

              If you hear anyone complain about CPD, it is only because they have never worked anywhere else and do not have anything to compare it to.

              Good luck to you. I hope to see you out here!



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                mharris, thanks for the response. i love police work, and i pray every night the man upstairs will bless me with the opportunity to do it on a full time basis , (currently a reserve). was told by couple lts, and sgts within FWPD that columbus was a good dept to go for, so im gonna give it a shot. was laid off from my full time employer in may, so i've got the time to test for pd's, (currently testing for 5 depts, here in indiana. got a letter from columbus, stated they are starting hiring process i believe in sept, so if its in the big mans plan, i'll see ya on the streets. god bless, stay safe.


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                  Need info

                  I'm also in the CPD process. All I have left is the medical exam in late September. I'd love to hear all about CPD from the CPD cops on here. I'm a cop in N.J. w/ 4 years on and attended NASTA SWAT school put on by a bunch of CPD SWAT guys a few yrs back. I can tell you that if the rest of the dept are like those guys, its going to be awesome. My wife is from OHIO and we both feel its a more appealing place to raise a kid then N.J. (born and bred here so I can say that) I loved to hear all and anything about the area and dept. How do station assignments work? Where are the busy stations? How's the academy? (Don't feel like another 6 months of that crap but sacrifices must be made and I'd like to learn the CPD way of doing things) Average call volume? Where do you get the best coffee? How's morale? etc... Thanks in advance. Hope it works out!


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                    I too grew up in/around the city. It took me 3 yrs. and 13 dept.'s later but I got on with C.P.D. I spent 5 yrs there and I can honestly say after having seen alot of other dept.'s, that C.P.D. was the best and I miss the guys I worked with also. I cant speak for the other precints but my pct. was very close on/off duty. The more your exposed to this job you'll see how hard it takes to find. Best of luck. 3RD.


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                      Dat You Letz?


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                        I too am applying with CPD. Everything I have heard about the department is great. And that academy is top notch. It's great to hear everyone on here with encouraging words about the department. Kind of makes you want to work there even more.


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