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Job history / hiring ?s in Clt, NC


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  • Job history / hiring ?s in Clt, NC

    Is anyone here familiar with the hiring process at CMPD? My husband is planning to apply there but he's got a couple of very short term jobs in his job history (3 months as mortgage broker, and his current job as an OTR truck driver he has to stay for 6 months total and he's 3 months in right now). The only other jobs he's had have been self-employment type jobs, both of which lasted for 2-3 years each while he was in college. We are wondering how much his job history will hurt him in the hiring process there.

    I think he'll be ok through the physical and psychological exams, etc. He does have a Batchelor's degree in Psychology and is interested in going back for his Masters at some point, if that would help.

    Also there is the issue of applying and doing his tests while trying to juggle his truck driving schedule. Should he go ahead and apply, or should he stick with truck driving for another year or so to improve his resume?

    Thanks so much in advance for any input anyone can give me. It is very much appreciated.

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    Does anyone have any input, even if you're no where near Charlotte?


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      Job history and stability is very important. But if your husband can document his work history and has never been fired, or let go because of unfavorable circumstances, then he should be ok. Your job and role as a future police wife is to support him in chasing his dream. Be supportive, be there for him, and tell him, that what ever makes him happy, will make you happy. I think support and love from the significant other is very important in his transition.

      My girlfriend was always there for me, and when I was in the academy, she supported me 100%. Right after the academy, 4 of my friends filed for divorce, while I proposed to my girlfriend. We've been married for 5 years, 2 kids, mortgage, toys, and a condo in a condo in Vegas......(in escrow)..... Looking and smelling the roses....
      Have your husband visit my website: www.****************************
      Good Luck and Test Well!
      Author of: How to become a peace officer by Wayne LeQuang (google it)

      L.B.P.D. Academy #75
      6 month of pain, for a 30 year career.

      visit: youtube.com "Black Monday" Great Video from LASD.


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        One or two short jobs is probably no big deal. Most departments look at the big picture, and I do not think a job that lasted a few months puts a big dent in one's chances. I do not think driving a truck for another year will do much to improve his chances.


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          Thank you both so much! He has never been fired or anything like that, and we can document the self-employment with our tax records.

          I will forward the site on to him when he gets home (only 12 more days, he's been out for a month already!). And I'm going to go look at it in the meantime!

          Thanks again!


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            CMPD is very picky on who they hire. They have so many people who take the test that they are never really hurting for Officer's. I do not know your husbands history but they are very picky on driving record, credit is a big one and ANY drug use. I remember when I took the test 1995 ( I switched to Fire in 2001) they had a guy who flew in from Utah to take the written test. The Sgt gave his talk about "we will not hire anyone who ever used anything but pot". Well during break I heard this guy say that he had tried acid when he was 14 and he really did not know what it was at the time. They made him pack his stuff up and sent him on his way. I am not trying to scare you but they are picky.


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              That's good info; thanks! He has a clean driving record, good credit, and no prior drug use. Hopefully that will help!!!


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