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  • Vertical Jump

    Can anyone tell me how this is performed and how to prepare for it? The dept I am interested in lists a Vertical Jump of 16 inches as part of the physical agility test.

    Is the test performed by standing straight and (flat-footed) jumping straight up? Do you tuck in your feet? Can you start from a crouched position? Are your arms to be at your side?

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    You will stand with one side of your body flush against a wall, usually containing a blackboard. Your feet will be flat and your arm nearest to the wall will be stretched up as far as you can reach. The person administering the test will mark on the wall (blackboard) where the top of your fingers reach.

    Chalk dust will then be applied to your fingers. With the side of your body still facing the wall, you will be allowed to crouch, jump and slap the wall with your hand, leaving a mark with the chalk dust. The person administering the test will then measure the distance between the original mark on the board and the top of the chalk dust mark.

    I never figured out what this test was supposed to prove.
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      Yeah, what L-1 said.

      When I was training for this test I used leg pylometrics. (Advise I received from my company's personal trainer)

      They help to increase the explosive strength of your muscles.


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