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    I have a question regarding a previous background investigation. If I was going to have a background investigation done on me by a police department would the police department talk to a background investigator that previously did a background investigation on me for a different police department because I am supposed to supply the department and the BI's name to the department I am currently applying to. And if they do contact the previous BI, do they want to see if I am telling them the same things I told to the previous department I applyed to? Any answer or info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes and yes. Your previous bkgds will come back to haunt you.
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      Yes. They will look through your background file from other departments you have applied to. This is to ensure that you are telling all departments the same information about jobs, references, other departments you have applied to, etc. MAKE SURE to keep copies of all of your applications with all departments, and make sure that ALL information is IDENTICAL.
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