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Fixed-wing pilots in Law Enforcement


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  • Fixed-wing pilots in Law Enforcement

    Im a fixed-wing (airplane) pilot living in Southern California, and I wanted to know what type of jobs are out their for pilots with the various law enforcement agencies. In addition, requirements or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced for all your help. : )

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    Border Patrol has fixed wing aircraft. The thing is that everyone has to do a minimum of three years as a field agent before they are considered for pilot slots. Additionaly I believe that you have to have an instrument rating and 400 hours.
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      I'd send a private message to Slueth. I believe he was a Customs agent and can give you some insight to how they get their pilots.
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        Around here, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is the only ones that do anything with fixed-wings.
        You have to be a Trooper for quite a while when an opening comes...
        I would suspect that it would be the same way for most if not all agencies out there that have fixed-wing assests....


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          CHP is the only state/local agency in so cal that I know used planes for patrol. You have to be an officer first. Many of the local sheriff departments have a handful of fixed wings, but for prisoner transports, and errands for the sheriff, and stuff like that only as far as I know. I think all have deputy pilots.

          There are several search and rescue teams/aero squadrons with local sheriff's also, but they are volunteers.
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