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Farmington, New Mexico


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  • Farmington, New Mexico

    I am seriously thinking about a lateral too Farmington does anybody have any knowledge or experience with them?

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    In general New Mexico police are able to be more direct with the public than most states.

    I really don't know much about Farmington. I may know someone who knows about the Farmington police.

    I know the New Mexico State Police are hard core.


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      Do you golf? They have one of the best courses in the Southwest.
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        Originally posted by USAcop
        I may know someone who knows about the Farmington police.
        Any help would be greatly appreciated. Obviously I have a lot of questions. If you find someone who has some info on them I can give you my e-mail.


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          Farmington PD

          Great area. It is beautiful out there and the people are very nice. Truly has a small town feel to it. They seem to have some pretty good benefits. I was out there playing in the Connie Mack World Series some time ago. I ahve given serious thought to applying to Farmington PD. Not as hot as the Phoenix area, or as congested as Albuquerque. Plus, it's only an hours or so to the 4 corners or to the ski resorts in Colorado.


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            Well, I can't speak for the actual department but I drive thru there every year on my way to and from Durango, Colorado. It borders a massive stretch of Indian land to the west (and south). Driving anywhere in those directions is pretty desolate (sp?) for the most part...that tribe is obviously extremely poor. The outskirts of Farmington to the west seem to be on the lower income side as well...run down housing and more pawn shops than anyplace I've ever seen.

            It looks like they fixed up their downtown Main St to attract visitors and residents alike. I always drive thru in the very early morning but it looks like it may be the place to go or where they have special events. As you head north thru town, it becomes "any city, USA" with the car dealers, Target, Home Depot, etc... It's pretty clean for the most part as well.

            I honestly can't personally imagine leaving a place as green and beatiful as Memphis for plain, drab looking New Mexico but I'm sure you have your reasons. The best part of Farmington is it's access to skiing, golf, river rafting/kayaking in Colorado 60 miles to the north.
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              Originally posted by Blue Leader
              I honestly can't personally imagine leaving a place as green and beatiful as Memphis for plain, drab looking New Mexico but I'm sure you have your reasons.
              I guess as every police officer you become a little jaded by the city you work in, but Memphis politics has gotten out of control and the crime rate is increasing on a yearly basis. We dont have enough officers on the street and the command staff will not back you up on anything that happens while your out there. We have no equipment, hell we dont even have lap tops in our vehicles, and little support from the community. The only thing good about Memphis is the pay.


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                I guess no one here can help me. I appreciate all the help


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                  I used to be a deputy sheriff for sandoval county so in NM, two counties over. One of our deputies used to work there, and said it was a good place, but it's extremly political, as is all LE in NM. You can contact the NMSP academy and ask about their certification by waiver program, I'm certain you'll qualify. I believe they require 400 or 500 hours of previous training and you have to be certified in the state you work in to get approval to attend a three week cert by waiver academy in Santa Fe. If you get the letter stating you're approved for CBW, then you'll be much easier to get hired. A word of warning, the physical side of NM certification is VERY rigorous, one of the toughest in the nation, and Santa Fe is 6000-7000 feet above sea level, so the 1.5 mile run is one tough SOB.
                  Shoot me a PM or e-mail if you have any further questions. BTW - none of the departments in NM pay all that well, save BCSO (beralillo county) and Albuquerque PD. BCSO will not hire you as a lateral unless you are employed as a full time officer IN NM.



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