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  • what to do?

    Ok 3 more damn months of BLET (night classes so it's a bit long)..

    thing is.. the captin of my sponsoring agency said he wants to come to my graduation and that he wants to put me in uniform for it... Ok so uhm I don't think they would do that for someone they wernt going to hire..

    Thing is... I rather go to another PD.. The other place pays more, has take home cars, and they don't have as much drama and BS "rules".

    I'm not going to turn down a job but what are the chances of the other agency saying they'll take me before I even graduate?? How can I let them know my situation without screwing myself in the long run?

    I went for a ride along with the agency I want to go with and he was saying how bad they need someone like me (young female) and how he'd love to have me on his squad and how in a few months they are going to be going from 4 man squads to 6 man squads and all that crap.. and the lt. had me get an application and told me to get it filled out and turned in..

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you said the Capt of your SPONSORING agency wants to put you in uniform, but you'd rather work for a different agency. If they are sponsoring you, then don't you HAVE to work for them or be liable for all expenses for the course?


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      if your being sponsored, one would believe that u have to sign a contract of some kind, most for approx 2yrs, or liable to payback. i would serve with sponsoring dept, if required, then try a lateral attempt...just bothers me when people get on here talking about how they cant decide between a couple of "offers", and there are thousands out there who would love at least one opportunity to do what they love


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        "A bird in the hand is better than two in the bushes," Take the first offer that is in writing. If the Capt. says to put on a uniform and they are sponsoring you, take the job. Make the Capt. your new best friend.

        Go through the training, complete FTO, get off probation, take a ton of training classes to make you even better, and then after 2 years lateral to the dept you want.

        If you don't take the job that is first offered to you, and you **** the Capt. off, he can make your future a living hell. Trust me on this. All he has to do is make a single phone call to any officer, BI, or civilian and his words are like from "God," himself. Although it will be off the record. Take the job, or better call 1800-debbie dootson truck driving school.

        Good Luck and Test Well!
        Author of: How to become a peace officer by Wayne LeQuang (google it)

        L.B.P.D. Academy #75
        6 month of pain, for a 30 year career.

        visit: youtube.com "Black Monday" Great Video from LASD.


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          No i'm not in contract with them..actually the paper i signed is saying i'm not hired by them and they don't have to take me.

          I am going to take my first offer but i'm hoping the other agency will step up since they know i'm sponsored by the first place.

          See the place i'm sponsored by doesn't do any training other than FTO untill after your one year there.. that means no radar or anything for a year. Not to mention my boyfriend works for the same agency. This is also the place that I posted about.. they wont let them pull over cars after 11pm unless you call the supervisor and let him know the reason you want to pull the car. I mean it's a job but i mean damn this other agency is acting like they want me as well.

          edit- my sponsoring agency isn't well liked by other PDs so i'm not worried about that. Heck my PD fired a guy who would sit in his car during a fight and wouldn't assist his fellow officers and another agency picked him up 2 weeks later.


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            This sounds like a lot of BS ....................................... If an agency was good enough to sponser you the you do OWE THEM ..... They owe you nothing. To jump jobs like that will give you a bad rep and if agency you choose would wash you out then you burnt bridges you can never cross.


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              That's strange that you didn't have to sign a contract. In MI if your sponsered through an academy you have to sign a contract saying you won't leave that department, and if you do leave before a certain time period. You have to repay the the $ they spent on you.

              I would be careful on trying this brave move. Trying to get into the other dept. when one is really interested. I've seen it where the administration from two agencies (especially neighboring agencies) talk a lot. If they get wind of what your doing, you may loose both dept's

              Good luck!


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                In NC the agency doesn't pay for anything..the state does. All my agency did was say yes we want her to go and we think she is fit enough.
                Hell only one person in my BLET class is actually planning to go with their agency. Considering most places sponsor a bunch of people and sometimes don't even take any of them.

                I know I shouldn't turn a job down.. But I want a job I will enjoy! I don't want to dragg myself into work to have to put up with more BS within the damn PD! I want to ask the other agency if they would consider me and if they could give me an answer BEFORE I grad.
                But I guess every state is diff so not many would be able to help me on this.


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