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U.S. Border Patrol accepting applications - 01 July


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  • U.S. Border Patrol accepting applications - 01 July


    Just opened up. Good luck

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    I don't know, I like the federal benefits but I think I could make more cash as a cop here in cali.


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      where you at in cali?


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        I'm taking the writtens Aug 8th.

        Anyone take them recently? How are they? Typical civil service test?


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          Originally posted by Serpico
          I'm taking the writtens Aug 8th.

          Anyone take them recently? How are they? Typical civil service test?
          Took mine years ago but no, not the typical civil service test. From what I understand it has been dumbed down alot over the years. Good luck with the artificial language test, just remember that they provide you with the answer sheet. It is pretty much an exercise in attention to detail.

          Once you pass the test, not your typical interview either.

          Best of luck.
          The only thing we have to fear is change itself.


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            uh oh...

            .. tell me more, tell me more!

            I'm taking mine on the 28th.
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              I took it in 98. If they haven't changed it since then it was pretty easy. The language aptitude test is a whole other matter. I scored quite well on it but it is a pretty weird test.
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              For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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                Originally posted by Migraman
                Took mine years ago but no, not the typical civil service test. From what I understand it has been dumbed down alot over the years. Good luck with the artificial language test, just remember that they provide you with the answer sheet. It is pretty much an exercise in attention to detail.

                Once you pass the test, not your typical interview either.

                Best of luck.
                How long did it take you to transfer off the mexican border? How often do assignments open up off the border? Are you paid locality pay? It wouldn't be to fun living in Cali on a starting pay of $38,000 at GS7!


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                  bay City, on the online app, there's a spot that has 4 locations to pick from for your first assignment. I picked AZ, as I heard they're trying to get 200+ agents in that area.

                  migraman, how's the interview? You said it's not typical, how? Its not structured like a PD or SO?


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                    border patrol

                    So there is no shot getting assigned to anywhere outside those selected spots. How long is it before you can transfer to a local border near where you live? I'm interested, but the process, what is it like. Test, followed by what? They have a different process than local LE. Thanks for the feedback.


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                      I like the federal benefits
                      Fed benefits stink. Very few offer dental or vision.

                      Migraman, you guys over at green machine due a thankless job. After seeing you guys do a run at FLETC, I know I coulds never do your job. From this former fed, thank you.
                      I don't answer recruitment messages....


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                        I also took my test in 98. I did the expedited hiring where everything is done in a three day time frame. I took the written test with appx. 250 other candidates. We went to lunch and the scores were posted when we returned. After lunch there were 22 of us scheduling oral interviews.

                        I personally didn't find the test too difficult but from my own experience there is a pretty high attrition rate. I've heard that the test has been dumbed down due to the mandates to hire 2000 more agents a year.

                        If any of you guys have the study guide that they send for the artificial language test and are having problems, PM me and I'll explain the system I used when I took it. Scored 100% on it when I took it.

                        The interview is 100% scenario based. None of this "so tell me about yourself" crap. It is conducted by three senior/supervisory agents. When I took it it was a high stress interview. You would give an answer and one of the interviewers would contradict your answer and try to trip you up. The whole time you are being judged not just on your answers but your reaction to confrontation. I don't want to give too much away. If you use good common sense, non-heroic answers, stick to them, and keep your cool you should be OK.

                        The transfer question is going to be hard to answer. It took me five and a half years to get to the northern border but that was due to the mass enhancement that was going on. Under INS you could move around the southern border every couple of years. Under DHS things are kind of hosed right now. Lateral transfers used to posted pretty much weekly, I haven't seen one posted in over a year and a half. All transfers now are promotions only. About half of my present station, including myself, are trying to get back south right now with no luck. Apparently there is a freeze on the northern stations although we have seen nothing in writing yet. Honestly I don't know what the current situation on transfers is.

                        As far as base pay understand that we have this really weird OT system that includes 25% of our base pay included. Plus night, Sunday, and holiday differential and the occassional day of traditional OT every now and then adds up pretty quick. Of course I think its safe to say that anybody in CA is going to live a meager existence on a civil service salary no matter who you work for.

                        In my opinion this is the best job in the world but I don't want to cast any illusions. The academy is no joke, post academy and FTO can be miserable. Being a BP trainee is not a fun time. The first couple years are all about paying dues, but then the fun begins and you start getting assigments and cool training.

                        Edit: After I posted I found this article. Its kind of touchy feely but brings up some very good points about the job and working conditions. The story is about my old sector so I got kind of nostalgic reading it.

                        Hope it helps.
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                        The only thing we have to fear is change itself.


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                          Migraman, thanks for the info. Its greatly appreciated. I do have a couple questions; You mentioned paying dues for the first few years. How many years in before I'd see actual fieldwork? Is the academy a majority of PT or classwork? How many weeks? Its in Glynco, right?

                          I briefly looked over the ALT and I might be getting at you in regard to some addition advice on it. Seems simple enough, but anything extra couldn't hurt.

                          The test time is 4.5 hours. Is that including a psyche inventory? I took a TSA test battery awhile back and it was the written and a psyche. Just seems too long for just a written.

                          I'd really like to get to work in those surveillance rooms with the cameras all over the desert. I'm currently working loss prevention and have grown quite fond of using the CCTV camera system. Those heat sensing cameras are ridiculous compared to the stone age crap I'm working with.

                          How bad do the senior agents haze the rookies?

                          What's the living situation on a detail like? I requested Arizona, so I'll either be in Yuma or Tucson. I heard there were barracks that agents like on, but I also heard you can live in your own place. How is it?

                          Sorry for all the questions. I'm just really curious about the job.


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                            You'll get to the field work, pretty much, right away. You get past your FTO and Post academy then your in the field. You do your time in the field before you get to the fun stuff. Stuff like , horse patrol, ATV (scoots), or in some areas bicycle patrol, BORTAC (SWAT), BORSTAR (search rescue), boat units. etc etc (lots to do). All the new high tech stuff is usually run on seniority basis. Not unlike many places. A lot also depends on the station you are working, they don't all offer the same duties.

                            If memory serves the academy is 22 or 23 weeks. (may have changed some). Mostly Charleston, some Glynco. It is a mixture of both. A lot of class time and lots of PT. The PT is not a joke, no sugar coating. The class time is tuff but manageable so long as you manage your time well. If you speak spanish then you should be OK, if not it could be a tough course for you . You are going to be given a crash course in spanish and by the time you leave you will at least know how to interview and get basic information.

                            Rookies are treated the same as most departments, you get hosed, but agents are there if you need help with things.

                            Details are somewhat different. If your detailed to a different sector then you usually get a hotel or similar housing for 30 days or however long your detail is. If the area you are going to has some other type of housing available such as military barracks, then you may get stuck there. BUt ya make money. Usually it is a 6 day mandatory work week while detailed out so you make ok OT.

                            It's a cool job once you've gotten past the rookie crap.
                            Money is OK ( get locality pay/ plus 25%"OT" )
                            Benefits not so hot
                            Retirement pension- poor
                            TSP (like a 401) =good
                            Playing hide and go seek on a professional level - Priceless !!
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                              The actual Border Patrol academy has been moved out of Charleston, it is now in Artesia New Mexico. So anybody going to the academy now is probably not going to have as much fun as those of us who went in Charleston or Glynco. I thought teh academyt was fun, just remember, don't show up completely out of shape. Also, those people who have no experience with SPanish would be advised to study it prior to coming to the academy.

                              As for the actual job itself, a lot depends on where you are stationed, your experience varies a lot by where you work at. Arizona, esp. Tucson sector, is still the hottest area for teh Border Patrol right now.

                              Where I work at is a checkpoint station. We are a long ways from the actual Border, and we have a traffic checkpoint in the middle of nowhere. It sounds like it is boring, but we actually do a lot of work in the surrounding ranches chasing the large groups of aliens that walk around the checkpoint. Also we work the highway, where we try to catch them loading up after passing the checkpoint. Alien smuggling bailouts are a nightly occurance around here, and some of them can be pretty spectacular.

                              The work at the checkpoint isn't bad either. We catch a lot of aliens just at the checkpoint, oftenttimes hidden in trunks, under seats, etc. Also we can get some sizable drugloads, oftentimes 5000+ lbs! (The other checkpoint in our sector caught a 17500 lb load of Marijuana last month). All in all the work isn't too bad, and tehre is plenty of it.

                              There are some frustarting parts of the job. The catch and release of Non-Mexicans gets old real quick. Also, alien smugglers oftentimes have to be caught four or five times before the AUSA will prosecute them. This can be frustrating as well. I have never worked at a station on th river though, so I can't really give persepctive on how it is to work over there, but agents at the river often complain about "sitting on an X"(sitting in a vehicle watching a spot on teh river for an entire shift)..

                              All and all the job is a good one, for me the pay is pretty good , especially when you live in an area like here with a low cost of living. I haven't been in that long though, so my perspective is limited to my little area of the Border Patrol. Things are very different at other stations I'm sure.


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