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List of PD's with Favorable Schedules


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  • List of PD's with Favorable Schedules

    Just wondering what some of the best departmental schedules are out there. I have heard some guys getting away with working 4 days on 4 days off and such.

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    We have two schedules here and it depends on your tastes.

    Our rotating schedule, 12.2 hours per shift, 4 teams:
    1st week, 4 nights, M-Th.
    2nd week (hell week), 3 days, M-Wed. and 3 nights, Fri-Sun.
    3rd week, 4 days, Th-Sun
    4th week, completely off!

    It sounds like a rough schedule, but a lot of guys love that schedule for the week off. You don't use very much vacation time.

    My district is a bit different from the rest of the city, we have fixed 12.2 hour shifts:
    1st week, work Mon, Tue, Fri-Sun
    2nd week, only work Wed & Thur
    rinse and repeat
    We have fixed shifts, I work 7pm to 7am, there is a 7am-7pm, 10am-10pm, 3pm-3am, and other shifts depending on the need.

    Either way, the 12.2 is the way to go, we only work 14 out of 28 days a month, plenty of time for family, off-duty, etc.

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      Any schedule with the police or sheriff dept is favorable. Worry about getting the job first, before you worry about the work schedule. 5/8, 4/10, 3/12 (+8 hour buy back) it doesn't matter. The job is fun and exciting.


      God help you if you ask this question during your oral interview.
      Good Luck and Test Well!
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        Easy trigger (wayno 1806). Don't know if you are always this defensive or if you are just trying to push that website. Actually I did ask this question (a perfectly legitimate question to most human beings) and got the job offer a week later. Thanks for your concern though.


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          10 hour shifts

          3 weeks of 5 on 3 off - all days off are during the week

          3 weeks of 4 on 4 off - all days off are during the weekend

          Compared to my last schedule where I saw weekends once every 3-4 months, I am very much enjoying it.



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            11.5 hour shifts. 4 days on, and 4 days off. Plenty of time to work details, and still have a life. Shifts are either...

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              We work 12 hr shifts that rotate every 4 months (0700-1900 and 1900-0700)
              Week 1:Mon-Tues, Fri-Sunday (Wed and Thurs off)
              Week 2:Wed-Thursday (Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun off)
              Week 3:Mon-Tues, Fri-Sunday (Wed and Thurs off)
              Week 4:Wed-Thursday (Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun off)

              My long weeks I'm tired as hell, but I only work 15 days a month and I have every other weekend off. It also allows more officers to be on the street because the officers are split up into four teams.


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                We rotate muntly, I work say 7am to 3pm,8hrs with 2 days off. Then I rotate to 11pm-7am and my 2 days off go back a day. In june I had 3-11 with Mon-TUes. Now I go to 7am-3pm with SUn-Mon. Next month I go to 11pm-7am with Sat-Sun off. SO this way everyone gets some weekends off during the yr.
                I got nothing for now


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                  I'm not on yet, but this is CSPs schedule:

                  9.25hours, 5on, 3off.

                  My husband's schedule:

                  8hours, 5on, 2off, 5 on, 2off, 5on, 3off...

                  They are trying to get it changed to:

                  5on, 3off.
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                    I was checking up on Tampa and Hillsborough County. They both have pretty good schedules. Tampa is 4 10 hour shifts 4 off. Hillsborough County is 42 hour work week long week of 5 12 hour days then 2 off and then 2 12 hour days 5 off (every other weekend). Hope that helps.


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                      not on the road yet, but here it's 10.5 hour shifts.

                      week 1: 5 on....4 off
                      week 2: 5 on....4 off
                      week 3: 5 on....5 off

                      probably the best one i've heard of just because you dont have to deal with 12+ hour shifts, but you still get decent days off. works out so you have 2 weeknds off a month.


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                        Vegas has 4 ten hour shifts, you get 3 days off in a row...each week...


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                          We have a 4 on 4 off schedule. We have 5 days during the year that have to be "made up" based on this schedule. These 5 days are used for department AO training. It's a great plan.


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                            OKLAHOMA CITY P.D.!!!

                            - 10hr Shifts

                            - 8 days on/6 days off

                            Most NEVER touch their vacation days cause every week they have six days off.

                            If you do take vacation, you take eight (8) days on vacation but really get 20 days off when you take into consideration the six days off/then 8 days vacation/then 6 days off then back to work. What they don't use they sell back!


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                              My schedule is 4 on 4 off, day shift, 6am-6pm


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