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  • LAPD Poly

    Well I just took my poly for LAPD and the guy told me he'd tell me how I did, but he never told me, all he said was that I'd recieve notice in 30 days or less. Did I fail? Was it inconclusive?I was more nervous than a prostitue in church! HELP!
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    I took the LAPD poly last week, the polygrapher also told me she would let me know how it went. After it was done she told me the city would notify me but she didnt see any problems. I assumed that was her way of telling me I passed without officially telling me I passed. I think someone else has to review the results before they can really give the thumbs up. I took it the next day with a different department and they told me right then I passed. Hope this helps.


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      Technically, the correct answer is:

      The polygrapher cannot tell you if you passed or fail (directly). They can only administer the test, write up the results, if there is conflicting details, then he/she can ask a second polygrapher to interpret the results to see if he/she comes up with the same conclusion he/she came up with.

      after the result, the polygrapher will prepare a report to the police or sheriff dept and in the report will tell the dept if the person being polygraphed showed any physiological responses to certain questions.

      Only the police/sheriff dept or agency can disqualify the applicant. Not the polygrapher....... www.****************************
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