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    Could anyone give me some info on the Indianapolis pd or any other pd in Indiana that could possibly be hiring, and what if any state requirements are there to complete. Thanks in advance.

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    My friend, you might as well seek a job anywhere in Indiana EXCEPT Indianapolis PD. Check out the Indy Star. The mayor just cut the city budget by $30 million bucks. No lay-offs are expected, they're just not going to fill the 78 police positions they have.


    Carmel PD is about the start a process in August I believe. A very good agency to work for, said to be the largest growing city in Indiana. Go to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy's web site (http://www.in.gov/ilea/) and go to the Bulletin Board, they post jobs on there all the time.
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      Indianapolis PD is probably the best department in Indiana. They have the best equipment, teams (SWAT, ERT, K9, Bike, Cycles, and ect.), great pay, Good retirement; DROP program, Take home cars, Extra off duty details.
      But like Towncop said they just got a budget cut. Peterson isn't going to fill 78 of the city's openings
      Their process is hard ....often 1500 applicants for 30-60 slots
      I went through the process 5 times before finally making it then the class was suppose to start in Jan 3 2005 it was postponed (because of the budget) until April 25 2005 It was then postponed until further notice. Now with the mayor's last announcement who knows???
      Other good departments...
      Marion County, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Evansville, Brownsburg, Plainfield,
      Good Luck


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        Try looking at Fort Wayne PD. I believe they are the second largest in Indiana and also take laterals. Check out the PD web cite. It has alot of info plus a forum where an officer will answer all your questions. Good luck.


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          Originally posted by P/O CASS
          Try looking at Fort Wayne PD. I believe they are the second largest in Indiana and also take laterals. Check out the PD web cite. It has alot of info plus a forum where an officer will answer all your questions. Good luck.
          Ft Wayne also very difficult to get into to....If your lucky enough to make it past the psych (and many dont) he may stand a chance.


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            FWPD won't be hiring for some time - they are fully staffed.

            If you are a lateral, don't expect anything accomidating as far as travel. I made 4 trips from SW Florida do be DQ'd by the psychologist. We had 12 laterals, 7 of us never made it past the psych exam. Definitely left a bad impression on me of their department, regardless of being hired or not.


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              ft wayne

              ft wayne good pay, low cost of living, stay pretty busy, active, endless amount of paid details. im a reserve with fw, for 3years, college degree, graduated their own reserve academy. process included the psych, physical, background...applied for full time position, was cut. told by dept psych. someone of my personality would not perform well as a police officer...informed him i was already a reserve with this very dpt, and he looked at me with that 1000mile stare and tried to proceed without a valid explanation. fwpd preaches college education, yet in 02 class of 33 grads, 11 had college experience. been told they have cut laterals who applied from lapd to nypd and everywhere in between at their psych, yet i personally know of a guy who was a janitor at a church, officer responded to an alarm, spoke with maintenance guy, who said he always wanted to be a cop..officer told him they were taking apps, and whata ya know, hes now a police officer with fwpd...just a little background into fwpd...if your educated and experience, dont waste your time.....


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                Well with difficulty finding a job in Michigan, I'm pretty much open to any place that has openings. Just trying to get my name out there and get that foot in the door. Thanks for all the replies.


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                  Ft. Wayne,
                  Wow!, guess I'll check them off. Thanks.


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