I just received my notification that my application and background check is complete and have been invited to take the Written Essay, Written test and Physical Agility (day1), Oral Board interview and Typing test (day 2) with the City of LaGrange, Georgia PD. I was was wondering if anyone could shoot me a few ideas on what to expect?

1. Written Essay? What should I expect to see as a topic, and would they be expecting a text book Essay format (Introduction, body, conclusion?)

2. Oral Review board? I've been through several US Army Promotion/Review boards, will this be somewhat the same?

3. Typing test? I'm not the fastest typer, any ideas on whats an acceptable typing speed? 30 wpm, 60?

I'm not worried about the poly yet as it will be scheduled after the above tests are passed and I've been told to wear casual clothing for the all tests except the Oral Review Board (day 2).

Any insight would be great!