Wow, I didn't realize there could be such a huge difference on how agencies conduct their pysch evals. I completed one for an agency in S. Florida a few weeks ago and it was vey laid back and pretty basic questions, as far as I know, I passed it w/o any issues. Did one today for a different agency and I felt like I was sitting down with the BI again telling them everything I did wrong in my life. Every question revolved around what I had stole when I was younger, any trouble at work, prior drug use, etc... Almost seemed like the only thing they were concerned with was if everything I told him, lined up with what I put in my BI paper work and what I told the investigator initially. And come to find out, they need to "look" at a few things and will hopefully know tomorrow if I get to finish the testing. Talked to a buddy who passed the pysch and will do the poly on Monday and he said he got a 10 page packet to fill out which basically is the same stuff we already told them a million times before concerning our past.

I'm almost starting to feel like a bad person because all I've been rehashing for the past few months in every fault I have, and every bad thing I've ever done in my life. I don't know how some of yall can apply to a million agencies and keeping doing this time after time after time. Hopefully this pysch thing gets worked out and the rest of the process goes smooth. I'm pretty sure the Florida job is a sure thing, just need to go back down and re do the poly again and I should be good to go. I'll just be glad once I get a job and can put all this behind me, talk about stress.