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    In August, I'll be participating in some physical testing. What has been your experience with the sit and reach test? I've never been all too flexible and my body dimensions make it a challenge as it is. I'm 6'4" and around 250 lbs.

    What kind of preparations should I be utilizing for this test? Also, how will I be able to track my progress if I don't have the measurement device they will be using? Just looking for any past experiences and tips to be successful for this test. Thanks.

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    The sit and reach is kinda a ridiculous and old police method of testing, but some still do it. The flexibility comes from the lower back and the muscles there. If you go to a gym, the best way to increase that is doing rows on a machine. Most gyms have a sitting row with the cable. Keep your legs straight while doing them, start out with a light weight so you don't kill your back. Gradually move up in weight over a period of weeks. A good set would be, i.e.:
    50lbs x 10
    60lbs x 8
    70lbs x 6
    80lbs x 4
    This is called pyriamiding down. Don't worry at first if it doesn't feel like a lot of weight, the back is a tricky thing and can get hurt easily, so start slow. After two weeks, move up in weight by 5lb increments(If the machine allows it). Each time you do the row, stretch out as much as you can when going forward.
    Hope this helps
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      around here they preach to take a towel, and while sitting on floor, use that to pull your feet towards you and hold it. Do a search on something like "Illinois, POWER Test" and you might find some help on it.
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        Jeff's right..

        That is another good method....less strain on the lower back too. The concept is about the same, it's about strengthening the lower back.
        "Living may not be free, but thank God we are free to live"


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