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  • What did you say ?

    when you did the oral board interview were you asked the Question "why do you want to work for this department" ? What was your response? I have a response to this question but I would like to see what others have said?

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    Maybe start out by telling the interview panel that you have conducted research on the city, the department, and the community. Tell them that you believe that you can contribute to the safety of the city by becoming a police officer.

    Take a ride-along, or if you are in the application process normally they will let you take more then one. Tell this to your interview panel. If you like the work ethic and attitude of the officers that you meet, let them know. Supervisors always like to hear kudos about their guys. Not too much though.

    In the departments that I applied for, I stressed that I had ties to each of the cities (you have a better chance of getting hired in California if they feel you are not going to take off as soon as you get your POST).

    What you dont want to say is something like "I dunno, I saw the announcement and figured I would use it as my last resort if the other 10 departments don't hire me" as one of the guys I recently was in a room with said.


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