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TASER test?


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  • TASER test?

    Okay, I have got to know the answer to this one!

    Do we get hit with a TASER in the Academy? My twin brother in Utah and I are both getting into law enforcement, and he swears they do give you a shock. I'm not really worried about it because I have a very high pain tolerance, but don't like the idea of those little needle barb things sticking in me. Needles give me the willies. I'd rather have someone here tell me he's screwin' with my head.

    He sent me this video proving his point. It's two of Delray's finest.(www.wimp.com). It's a women getting TASERED and the cops telling her they both had been TASED. The video is kind of funny but, then I feel bad for this women. After watching this video, I wonder...why the hell do people F$%* with the police?


    Anyway, TASERS? Confirmation of this?

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    It's not in the FL curriculum so probably not, unless the academy itself makes you get hit because they feel it's necessary... but it's not required by FDLE. You do get OC sprayed though. I just graduated in February and tasers weren't even mentioned on the resistance/force matrix.


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      I know that in Pennsylvania, some departments hit you with the taser and others dont. They say it is so you know what the suspect is feeling. Along the same lines as the OC.

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        Tasers are not used in academy training in Florida for the most part. Most agencies to my knowledge, once you are hired by them, make it optional to get shocked by it. Ive heard stories of how some of the young, anxious guys volunteer to get zapped, and the veterans just sit back and laugh, choosing not to participate.
        OC spray is part of the training in Florida. You will be fitted with a cardboard collar and have it sprayed right in your eyes. Then, for 30 seconds, you must participate in a scenario where you are trying to keep your gun from being compromised or taken away from you. After that, you are led to a bucket and hose to be cleaned up. Should be fun.....
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          OC spray

          OC spray...is that like pepper spray? Out of the frying pan an into the fire

          I'll take the pepper spray. My friends in the Marines say they go through something similiar and they have to run with it in their eyes.

          Thanks for the info. I don't think I'll be one of the people volunteering for the TASER. If they want me to stick a penny in a light socket or something I down for that though.


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            oc spray

            i went through a joint city/county reserve academy and we had to be sprayed. the county carries regular pepper spray, however the city pd carries oc/cs spray. seemed to me those of us sprayed with the oc/cs were affected significantly more than the county recruits who were sprayed with pepper spray..my opinion, would be hoping for the pepper and not the oc...neither one will kill you, but will be an experience. p.s. once we were sprayed we had three stations, with three instructors holding body pad, one station we had to do 3 knee strikes, second station we had to do three asp strikes, and thrid station we had to draw our weapon and order the suspect, ie instructor to the ground before we were cleared to be rinsed off. key to this is the thrid station you had to visually spot the thrid party before putting them on the ground. trying to open your eyes with the oc/cs in there is and experience...good luck


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              We had a choice in the academy. Take the taser shot or run up and down stairs for 30 minutes. I was shot individually and with my squad. It was useful because it prepared me for the hit I took when I was hired with my agency.
              It was optional at the agency as well, but you get more respect from other officers if you take the hit. It's only 5 seconds and you're done. It may also help in court. When you take the hit at your agency have them video it if possible.
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                I've done both and most that have been sprayed and tased will agree with me: I'd rather get tased again than sprayed. Don't get me wrong, the taser hurts like hell...but when the electricity is off, the pain goes away. Not so with OC, I remember taking a shower later that night I got sprayed and the panic feeling of fire running from my face, down my chest, down my stomach, and you can guess where it went from there. They forgot to mention that you should probably shower upside down after you get sprayed.

                Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?


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                  Taser Dependence

                  Tasers are wonderful tools. Taking the "ride" in training SERIOUSLY sucks, but's worth it. Now I not only have a pretty good idea of what my subject is feeling, I can also go to court and testify confidently as to why I shot someone who pulled a Taser on me, or somehow managed to get mine away from me (I know, I know,....I'm just making a point).

                  Defense attorney : why is it that you shot my client with a gun, seriously wounding/killing him/her, when the only weapon they pointed at you a was Taser, which is described as a less lethal weapon?

                  Me : When I was trained on the use of the Taser, I did in fact get Tased myself for the full five second cycle. During that time I was unable to defend myself or my weapon as I was completely incapacitated. Due to this experiance, when Mr/Ms. so-and-so pointed a Taser at me, I was in imminent fear for my life, and felt that deadly force was justified.

                  That said, I have noticed more then one Deputy from my agency who is becoming "taser dependant"......meaning viewing the Taser as the be-all-end-all LE tool. Last night I worked with someone whom I had never worked with before, and we found something nasty in a paper bag. He is pulling on gloves, I'm reaching for my baton. After I used my baton to discern what was in the bag (nothing deadly), he thanked me for handling it. I asked him where his baton was, and what was his response? "Oh, I don't carry it anymore. Why should I, I have a Taser." Can you break a window with a Taser? No. What if you have a suicidal suspect with a gun to him own head? Crack him on the wrist with a baton, breaking the wrist but saving the life, or nail him with a Taser as his finger is on the trigger...what happens when you get Tased? Your muscles contract....including the trigger finger. I could go on and on.....don't get me wrong, I love my Taser and am grateful to have it to add to my list of options. It is not, however, God's gift to LE and should not be veiwed as such........

                  Wow, didn't mean to go off like that in an innocent job search thread...
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