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  • My F-BAT Score

    Just got done taking the LE F-Bat. I passed with an 86%. Failing is a 72%. The instructor was really nice and told me that if I want to do full time I have to take it again. Need at least 90. The academy is HIGHLY selective is what I was told. I know that you are selected by your F-bat score, and can be bumped by someone with a higher score. She also saw my computer mess up. I am positive it cost me at least 4 questions. I interprit her saying I need to retake this because she just wants me to get in, and not bumped.

    Anyone here of this or have a similiar situation.

    FYI. I thought I was in the clear when I saw the pass on the screen. What a let down. The guy in front of me failed the corrections test. His situation seemed to be a little more serious than mine.

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    How was it as far as dificulty goes? Did you study anything inparticular? I hope to take the test soon and I am looking for as much help as I can get. Anyways good luck on your next test.


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      My thoughts on F-Bat

      Do you know how some people can be great at "Who wants to be a Millionare" while sitting on their recliner, but once they get on the real game they're mental midgets?

      First off, the first part of the test is more difficult than the end. The last 4 sections I aced. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with me being nervous. The first part is like trying to find hidden patters. Numbers or Colors. It really isn't hard, but when you have 7-10 seconds to decide, the stakes go up.

      My PC was definately experiencing some malfunctions, as was some other students.

      The questions on the practice exam (internet) are exactly the same examples on the test, and I find that they are a fair representation of the questions that follow the examples.

      Warning, don't ever take your hand of the mouse, or accidentally click on the screen. My mouse was like something from STAR TREK
      (6 button ), so I think I accidentally forwarded the screen. In powerpoint, which is what this test is designed by, advances screens by clicking on screen. I'm not 100% if this is why I got less than a second to anwer a few questions. I didn't click them in time. There was a button where my thumb naturally rests and I accidentally hit it because I have bigger hands.

      If I could do this over again, I definately would have got the study guide. I took the test the day after turning in the app. I wasn't prepared at all. I still passed, but since this test is what they base selection on, don't take it lightly. It is very simple. But with the other factors involved, it makes it more difficult. I feel that getting the guide would have helped me prepare, and calmed my nerves. Let's face it. No matter how smart we are, we're still going to be nervous through most aspects of this course or process because we really want to be in law enforcement. I know that with me wanting to be in law enforcment since I was 4, and now knowing I'm getting close, makes me freak out because I'm excited about it. Nervous excitement.

      Also, no notes. I thought I might be able to jot down some brief notes when listening or reading the questions...no dice.

      Anyone with ADD, watch out. I don't have ADD, but it is very hard not to get distracted with other people in the room moving about, and seeing the look on their faces when they pass or fail. I looked up when a somewhat decent girl walked in and almost missed something. You can't miss anything when things flash on the screen, because you'll get quized on it.

      I can't give you anymore than that. One, I don't remember specific questions. Two, because I'm sure I'm not allowed.

      You're better off studying more than you need to, then not enough. Luck is just a properly executed plan.


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        Thanks for the info, that gives me some more stuff to think about. BTW did you take it at HCC or PHCC?


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